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Hortonworks DataFlow Accelerates the Value of Data-in-Motion with Streaming Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., — March 1, 2016 — Hortonworks, Inc. ® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, today announced new streaming analytics capabilities in Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) version 1.2, starting with support for Apache Kafka and Apache Storm. HDF powered by Apache NiFi is an integrated platform to collect, conduct and curate real-time data, moving it from any source to any destination. With expanded streaming analytics capabilities in HDF, customers can accelerate the value of big data initiatives by transforming development time from months to minutes.

Rapid Growth of Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation and system mediation logic. This makes it simple to use the technology, and users can easily build their own dataflows. Today, there are over 130 processors including Kafka, Couchbase, Microsoft Azure Event Hub and Splunk processors, which enable an easy point and click user experience for any and all data.

Integrated Security

Complementing the inherently highly secure data collection and dataflow management of Apache NiFi, HDF 1.2 supports integration with Kerberos for centralized authentication management across applications.

New Partnership

StreamAnalytix™, an Impetus Technologies, Inc. product, delivers a visual interface for analytics workflows, making it extremely easy to build analytics applications quickly using built-in operators. StreamAnalytix focuses on making complex event processing solutions like Storm and Spark more efficient with less coding. Together, HDF and StreamAnalytix accelerate business value from big data by eliminating complex and time-consuming manual processes and coding.

“True business value is created by the accelerated ROI that is made possible through drag and drop transformations and control of real-time analytics and secure, reliable delivery of data-in-motion,” said Larry Pearson, vice president of marketing and alliances at Impetus Technologies. “Through this partnership, our joint enterprise customers are able to quickly harness the true power of open source streaming analytics solutions through the combined capabilities of Hortonworks DataFlow and StreamAnalytix.”

HDF 1.2 will be available to customers in Q1 of 2016.

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