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Hortonworks Accelerates Big Data Transformations with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3

New Open Enterprise Hadoop Solution Delivers Ease of Use, Security and Governance Capabilities, and Hortonworks SmartSense for Proactive Support

SANTA CLARA, Calif., —July 22, 2015— Hortonworks, Inc.® (NASDAQ: HDP), the leader in Open Enterprise Hadoop, announced that the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) version 2.3 is now available. This release of HDP delivers enhanced user experience for operators and developers, new security and data governance capabilities, and introduces Hortonworks SmartSense ─ a proactive cluster monitoring service for support subscription customers.

HDP 2.3 significantly improves Hadoop usability by eliminating the need for the command line interfaces for operational setup and management that were common in previous generations of Hadoop. With enhanced ease of use, more users throughout an enterprise are able to access data to gain new insights and ultimately enable business outcomes. HDP 2.3 also adds the most advanced security and data governance capabilities for Hadoop, hardening the platform for the enterprise.

Hortonworks and the open source community have rigorously developed Hadoop, which enables a modern data architecture supporting batch, interactive, and real-time data processing, while providing all the governance, security and operations capabilities that enterprise IT requires. HDP is the only Hadoop distribution built in the open, leveraging the latest innovations being delivered by Hortonworks and the open source community.

“Hortonworks remains focused on advancing security, governance and operations while making it easy for everyone to analyze massive volumes of data with Apache Hadoop,” said Tim Hall, vice president of product management at Hortonworks. “With HDP 2.3, Hortonworks is delivering the latest innovations from the open source community allowing our customers to unlock the value of their data in ways that simply weren’t possible before.”

“TrueCar is in the business of providing truth and transparency to all the parties in the car-buying process,” said Russell Foltz-Smith, Vice President of Data Platform, TrueCar. “With Hortonworks Data Platform, we went from being able to report on 20 terabytes of vehicle data once a day to doing the same every thirty minutes–even as the data grew to more than 600 terabytes. We’re excited about HDP 2.3. Hadoop already works in the enterprise, but HDP 2.3 promises to further strengthen Hadoop data security and governance.”

“Luminar is the first big data analytics provider focused specifically on marketing strategies for U.S. Latino consumers and Hortonworks Data Platform has been a critical part of our Big Data analytics for more than two years,” said Oscar Padilla, Vice President of Strategy, Luminar. “Through upgrades over multiple versions of Hortonworks Data Platform, the experts at Hortonworks partnered with us to ensure our success with Open Enterprise Hadoop. We’ve benefitted from the rapid innovation in each new version, and we’re looking forward to seeing the latest in HDP 2.3.”

Introducing Hortonworks SmartSense

For Hortonworks’ support subscription customers, Hortonworks SmartSense delivers the industry’s first proactive monitoring features to build, manage and scale a Hadoop cluster. Using Hortonworks SmartSense, customers can quickly receive insights and ongoing recommendations about cluster utilization and health, utilize log files and metrics for faster support case resolution, prevent configuration problems and optimize their clusters for capacity planning. For more information about Hortonworks SmartSense, please visit

Thriving Ecosystem

HDP 2.3 builds on the industry’s largest Open Enterprise Hadoop ecosystem, with over 1,100+ independent software vendors, systems integrators, and open-source Hadoop specialists. With this broad ecosystem of Hadoop experts, Hortonworks customers can leverage unparalleled expertise for sophisticated big-data projects.

“Customers look to HP for big data solutions,” said Joseph George, Director, Apollo Servers and Big Data Solutions, HP. “Our collaborative partnership with Hortonworks allows us to deliver innovative solutions like the HP Apollo 4530 and the HP Big Data Reference Architecture on HDP 2.3, that have been jointly tested and integrated with our HP Haven Big Data platform. The combination of HP and Hortonworks brings differentiated big data solutions to the data center that inspire customer confidence.”

“The new features in the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3 allow us to empower our joint customers with access to more data through Apache Hadoop,” said Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management, SAS. “This allows them to perform deeper analysis on their data with extensive security and data governance capabilities in place. We want our customers to know that we support the platforms and environments they need to handle their data-driven workloads in a flexible, secure and efficient way.”

This new release of HDP delivers more than a hundred new features across Apache Hadoop and its supporting ecosystem of projects. To learn more about key technologies and capabilities added to HDP 2.3 check out

HDP 2.3 is available today for download at A complete list of HDP features and enhancements can be found at

Additional Resources:

Introducing HDP 2.3 Webinar on Thursday, July 30, between 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time

What’s New in HDP 2.3

Open Enterprise Hadoop

Hortonworks Partner Ecosystem

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Hortonworks is the leader in Open Enterprise Hadoop and develops, distributes and supports the only 100% open source Apache Hadoop data platform. Our team comprises the largest contingent of builders and architects within the Hadoop ecosystem who represent and lead the broader enterprise requirements within these communities.

The Hortonworks Data Platform provides an open platform that deeply integrates with existing IT investments and upon which enterprises can build and deploy Hadoop-based applications.

Hortonworks has deep relationships with the key strategic data center partners that enable our customers to unlock the broadest opportunities from Hadoop.

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