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Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 Community Preview Now Available

First Delivery of YARN-based Architecture for Running Multiple Applications in Hadoop, to Ignite Next Wave of Innovation 

PALO ALTO, Calif.—June 26, 2013—Hortonworks, a leading contributor and provider to enterprise Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced the availability of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.0 Community Preview and the launch of the Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache Hadoop YARN to accelerate the availability of YARN-based partner solutions. Based on the next evolution of Apache Hadoop, including the first functional Apache YARN framework that has been more than four years in the making, the 100-percent open source HDP 2.0 features the latest advancements from the open source community that are igniting a new wave of Hadoop innovation.

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Designed to meet the needs of mainstream enterprise organizations, HDP 2.0 represents a major step forward in the Apache Hadoop architecture. Specifically, HDP 2.0 Community Preview is the first distribution to include the upcoming beta release of Apache YARN that enables a wide range of data processing applications to run natively in Hadoop with predictable performance and quality of service. The YARN-based architecture of Hadoop 2.0 will enable organizations to take Hadoop beyond its batch-processing roots and deploy specific applications designed to derive greater business value from critical, and often untapped, information.

Led by a core group of Hortonworks founders and architects, the development of YARN is the key architectural change in Hadoop 2.0. YARN takes Hadoop beyond batch and the restraints of a single application and single-use to enable organizations to store large amounts of data in Hadoop and then interact with it in multiple ways from batch, interactive, streaming and more – and all with a consistent level and quality of service. HDP 2.0 packages the YARN-based architecture to deliver unprecedented capabilities for harnessing the power of Hadoop in multiple applications.

The Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache Hadoop YARN

The Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache Hadoop YARN is designed to support the Apache Hadoop ecosystem behind this next-generation architecture by helping application developers build and certify their applications to use the YARN architecture of Hadoop 2.0. Participants in this program are instrumental in the testing and delivery of this new framework and are provided access to the latest developments and direct interaction with the Apache community of developers building YARN. A number of leading IT vendors have already joined the program and interested application developers should visit the following link for more information:

“Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 ups the ante regarding the future direction of Hadoop as a platform with multiple personas,” said Tony Baer, principal analyst, Ovum. “Ovum believes that Hadoop must become a more versatile analytics platform if it is to make the jump to the enterprise. YARN, a pillar of Hadoop 2.0, challenges the Hadoop community to transform the platform from its batch roots so it can take on other flavors of analytics, from interactive, real-time, graph and stream to other forms of processing.”

“Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 marks a truly pivotal moment for Apache Hadoop and represents the culmination of many years of hard engineering work,” said Arun Murthy, founder, Hortonworks. “The power of YARN to enable applications to run ‘in’ Hadoop, instead of ‘on’ Hadoop, is the key to leveraging all other common services of the next-generation data platform, from security to data lifecycle management. We look forward to growing HDP 2.0 as the 100-percent open source Hadoop distribution of choice for enterprises and an IT ecosystem dedicated to making the next-generation platform a core component of the enterprise data architecture.”

Ecosystem Support

In order to help facilitate enterprise adoption of Hadoop 2.0, Hortonworks is initiating the Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache Hadoop YARN. The new program is designed to engage the ecosystem of ISVs and early adopters to perform final validation on YARN.

Inaugural participants in the program include:

“Altiscale believes that today’s industries will be transformed by the intelligent, large-scale processing of data, which is why we are so excited about Apache Hadoop 2.0,” said Raymie Stata, CEO, Altiscale. “The YARN-based architecture of Hadoop 2.0 will help make our vision a reality, and we look forward to working with Hortonworks to help extend the power of Hadoop across the enterprise.”

“Concurrent is committed to making enterprise Hadoop adoption easy, and Hortonworks shares that same vision,” said Chris Wensel, founder and CTO, Concurrent, Inc. “We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Hortonworks and seeing the promise of YARN fulfilled with the release of HDP 2.0.”

“At Continuuity, our mission is to make building and running big data applications easier for developers. We accomplish a critical part of this by using YARN as a core component of our platform and are very happy to be an early participant of the Hortonworks Certification program for Apache Hadoop YARN. Because of its support of a diverse set of applications and processing patterns, we already use YARN to enable our real-time stream processing and querying capabilities,” said Jonathan Gray, CEO and co-founder, Continuuity. “To further drive the adoption and usage of YARN within the Hadoop ecosystem, we have contributed Weave, an open-source project that enables Java developers to rapidly build scalable, distributed applications on YARN, to the community.”

“DataTorrent, the world’s first Hadoop-native real-time stream processing platform, was built from scratch on YARN to deliver 24×7 instantaneous data processing, analytics and action,” said Phu Hoang, CEO and co-founder, DataTorrent. “The platform can process data streams at tens of millions of events per second while supporting automatic load scaling, run-time application changes and zero data-loss stateful recovery, all independent of application logic. We are proud to be YARN-certified and expect many more enterprise applications to have success on YARN.”

“Elasticsearch makes it possible to search Hadoop data in real time, and is therefore a perfect partner to the Hadoop ecosystem,” said Steven Schuurman, CEO, Elasticsearch. “Hortonworks and Elasticsearch share a vision around the value of open source software for businesses, and we’re proud to be Hortonworks’ search technology partner for YARN.”

“As a member of the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program, Karmasphere has been working hand-in-hand with Hortonworks to ensure that our entire Big Data Analytics product line can pull data directly from the latest version of Apache Hadoop,” said Martin Hall, founder and EVP of corporate development, Karmasphere. “Our relationship with Hortonworks will continue throughout the validation of Hadoop 2.0, which promises to bring even more data and applications into the open source platform, thereby uncovering actionable insights that drive businesses forward.”

“We see the YARN framework as a key enabler for the Hadoop community to build new applications in Hadoop 2.0,” said Eron Kelly, general manager, SQL Server product marketing, Microsoft. “Microsoft has worked closely with Hortonworks to help Hadoop mature into a core component of the modern data architecture and we look forward to seeing the next phase of applications enabled by YARN.”

“We’re extremely excited to extend our relationship with Hortonworks by participating in its Certified Technology Program for Apache YARN,” said Paul Zolfaghari, president, MicroStrategy Inc. “Our customers expect interactive response times when using MicroStrategy against all enterprise data: structured, unstructured and semi-structured. We’re very pleased to see the advances in HDP making that a reality for Hadoop. Together, MicroStrategy and Hortonworks are pushing the big data frontier to enable interactive, batch and streaming analytics use cases for our customers.”

“The future of business intelligence and analytics will be powered by Hadoop as the underlying data management infrastructure,” said Ben Werther, founder and CEO, Platfora. “We look forward to participation in the Certification Technology Program for Apache YARN and contributing back to the Hadoop community. We know our customers will receive tremendous benefits from the advanced workload management capabilities of YARN.”

“Red Hat is excited to continue to collaborate with the Apache Hadoop community to bring more features to Hadoop that support multiple datacenter applications. The combination of YARN-based HDP 2.0 and open source software significantly expands the types of workloads that Hadoop can address across the enterprise,” said Greg Kleiman, director of strategy, Red Hat Storage. “We believe that the community preview of HDP 2.0 delivered today can significantly increase the value of Hadoop implementations integrated with software-defined storage solutions such as Red Hat Storage.”

“SAS welcomes the progress being made on HDP 2.0 with subsystems like YARN that encourage the development of more ‘engines’ that can take advantage of the data- and compute- substrate offered by a Hadoop Cluster,” Paul Kent, vice president, Big Data, SAS. “We want to be early adopters of these technologies that facilitate enterprise-class clusters serving a broad array of business functions.”

“Splunk is excited to participate in the Hortonworks Certification Program for Apache YARN and the next evolution of Apache Hadoop,” said Eddie Satterly, big data evangelist, Splunk. “Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0, with the next-generation YARN framework, can help extend the power of Hadoop to more corners of the enterprise – broadening the market for this critical technology. This development will empower more organizations to gain operational intelligence from raw data in Hadoop through software like Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop (beta) in order to drive better customer service, reduce costs and grow their bottom lines.”

“YARN is the future of Hadoop,” said Mark Terenzoni, CEO, Sqrrl. “We are excited to begin work with HDP 2.0 and partner with Hortonworks to deliver secure, scalable and real-time applications to our mutual customers. With Sqrrl’s data-centric security and YARN’s ability to support multiple applications simultaneously, customers can easily create secure multi-tenant analytic environments.”

“We look forward to the new possibilities that Hadoop 2.0 will bring to the business intelligence community,” said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management, Tableau Software. “The new YARN framework is an important foundation for the ‘Stinger’ initiative, designed to deliver magnitudes of performance improvements in the Hive community. These performance advances, along with Tableau’s visual analytics capabilities, will enable our joint customers to explore their Hadoop data in near real-time and ask questions at the speed of thought.”

“TIBCO is investing heavily in the area of big data and analytics,” said Tom Laffey, executive vice president, products and technology, TIBCO Software. “As part of this program we are integrating several of our strategic products with Apache Hadoop 2.0. We are pleased to be a part of the YARN 2.0 Certification Program and look forward to helping bridge the gap between data at rest and data in motion.”

“We’re thrilled to see Hortonworks and the community continue to progress the YARN-based architecture of Hadoop 2.0,” said Mark C. Holderbaugh, Hadoop engineering director at Yahoo!. “We have been actively contributing to the community and running YARN at scale in our production environment for several months, and recently released STORM on YARN which enables Storm to leverage the Hadoop platform more simply. We look forward to working with Hortonworks to ensure an increasing number of applications can leverage the YARN-based approach”

Please join Hortonworks for a webinar on HDP 2.0 on Wednesday, July 10 at 10 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. To register for the webinar, please visit:


Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 Community Preview is available today as a downloadable single-node instance that runs inside a virtual machine, and also as a complete installation for deployment to distributed infrastructure. To download HDP 2.0, please visit:

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