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Hortonworks Data Platform Generates Excitement Among Partner Community

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—June 12, 2012Hortonworks, a leading commercial vendor promoting the innovation, development and support of Apache Hadoop, today announced strong partner support for the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.0, which was also announced today. With enterprise-ready features built on the most stable Apache Hadoop distribution to date, a broad spectrum of technology vendors and system integrators from across industries are excited to implement HDP at customer locations across the globe.

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The growing ecosystem of Hortonworks partners will utilize the Hortonworks Data Platform to make Apache Hadoop easier to use, consume and deploy in conjunction with their solutions or service offerings. By accelerating Apache Hadoop-based deployments with HDP, Hortonworks partners are enabling their customers to perform more detailed analysis, glean new intelligence and derive greater business value from all data types.

“The overwhelmingly enthusiastic partner support that we have received for the release of the Hortonworks Data Platform is a strong validation of the global impact of the burgeoning Apache Hadoop ecosystem,” said Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks. “Along with our technical enablement, training and support, HDP empowers our partners with a comprehensive next-generation data management infrastructure that enables Apache Hadoop to meet enterprise needs for big data storage, management and analytics.”

Leading Technology Companies Support the Release of Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks partners including Attunity, Dataguise, Datameer, Karmasphere, Kognitio, MarkLogic, Microsoft, NetApp, StackIQ, Syncsort, Talend, 10gen, Teradata and VMware have expressed their support and excitement for the release of HDP 1.0, and here is what some of them have to say:

“Attunity’s data integration solutions enable enterprises to leverage their big data for making smarter business decisions,” said Itamar Ankorion, VP, business development and corporate strategy at Attunity. “As the Hortonworks Data Platform makes it easier to use and consume Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks is an ideal partner for Attunity as we focus on making big data easier to load and readily available for analytics.”

“Dataguise security solutions for Hadoop deliver the sensitive data detection, protection and actionable intelligence that decision makers need to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance policies. We are excited to support the Hortonworks Data Platform with privacy protection for data in-flight and at-rest while also providing assessment analytics for greater visibility,” said Manmeet Singh, CEO of Dataguise. “Because an open source model provides us with a reliable and future-proof platform for our solutions, Hortonworks is making it easy for Dataguise and the partner ecosystem to more effectively leverage the power of Hadoop for the enterprise.”

“We are pleased to support Hortonworks Data Platform to provide end-users a complete big data analytics solution for data integration, analysis and visualization, built natively on open source Apache Hadoop,” said Joe Nicholson, vice president of marketing of Datameer. “As pioneers in Hadoop-based big data analytics, we are excited to offer customers easy and unparalleled access and analysis of all of their unstructured and structured data.”

“Karmasphere and Hortonworks share the common goal of simplifying big data Analytics on Hadoop for businesses,” said Martin Hall, founder & EVP corporate development, Karmasphere. “With our joint commitment to open source standards, Karmasphere customers will be able to use our product to intuitively explore and analyze big data on the Hortonworks Data Platform, discover deep and rich insights and make them available to everyone in the business.”

“Kognitio is committed to driving the convergence of big data analytics and cloud computing,” said Roger Gaskell, chief technology officer of Kognitio. “We see Hadoop as a key element in realizing the commercialization of the two, and are pleased to support Hortonworks Data Platform.” Gaskell noted the combined solution will simplify and greatly accelerate the movement of big data between Apache Hadoop and multiple enterprise data systems. He said, “Hortonworks’ efforts, combined with the flexibility of the Kognitio Analytical Platform, will result in making new business insights available to a far greater range of companies at lower cost than ever before.”

“The Hortonworks Data Platform allows our customers to more easily deploy and use Hadoop as part of their big data solutions with MarkLogic,” said Gary Lang, senior vice president of products, MarkLogic. “Hortonworks leads innovation in the core open-source Apache Hadoop projects. That leadership is key to the long-term success of Hadoop. We are pleased to work with them to help move Hadoop forward.”

“Microsoft and Hortonworks are committed to accelerating adoption of Hadoop by simplifying its deployment and management. The release of HDP 1.0 takes us one step closer to providing enterprise-ready Hadoop on Windows and enabling our customers to take advantage of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tools on Hadoop data,” said Doug Leland, general manager, product marketing, SQL Server, at Microsoft.

“Increasingly our customers are using Hadoop to gain insights from their complex big data. We are pleased to partner with Hortonworks to make their Hortonworks Data Platform available with our NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop,” said Rich Clifton, senior vice president, Solutions and Integrations Group, NetApp. “Hortonworks makes Apache Hadoop easier to manage and highly reliable. Customers can leverage our joint solutions to deploy enterprise-level Hadoop clusters for their big data requirements. We look forward to opportunities to contribute to the Hadoop community and promote adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise.”

“We are pleased to be working with Hortonworks as their vast domain expertise allows them to lead the way in bringing the next generation of Hadoop to the enterprise,” said Tim McIntire, president and co-founder of StackIQ. “Tightly integrating Hortonworks Data Platform with StackIQ’s management software has enabled our customers to benefit from best-of-breed software at all layers of the Hadoop stack.”

“Syncsort and Hortonworks are focused on making Hadoop easier to use and helping enterprises accelerate big data time-to-insight,” said Mitch Seigle, vice president, marketing and product management, Syncsort. “The Hortonworks Data Platform provides an open source, Apache Hadoop-based software platform that can be used in combination with Syncsort DMExpress to deliver high-performance, scalable data integration solutions for maximizing the value and minimizing the costs of Hadoop deployments.”

“Talend and Hortonworks share the common goal of democratizing big data, making it easy to deploy and use in all organizations,” said Fabrice Bonan, Talend’s COO and co-founder. “By embedding Talend Open Studio for Big Data, Hortonworks Data Platform includes proven, enterprise-grade data integration capabilities that seamlessly connect Hadoop to the rest of the information system. We are proud to be closely partnering with Hortonworks to deliver a complete next-generation data management infrastructure that helps any organization to derive business value from big data.”

“10gen and Hortonworks share a common mission of providing our developer communities with stable, enterprise-ready technologies that are becoming the new backbone of the enterprise data stack,” said Erik Frieberg, vice president of marketing at 10gen. “We look forward to building a tight integration between MongoDB and Hortonworks Data Platform that will enable our customers to read and write MongoDB data into Hadoop jobs to support broad scale data analysis that drives better business insights.”

“Hortonworks Data Platform is a key piece of the big data puzzle,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs, Teradata. “Teradata has partnered with Hortonworks as a leading innovator of Apache Hadoop. Working jointly, we are developing solutions that bring more business value through innovations such as Teradata Aster SQL-H™, which provides the industry’s first bridge for business analysts to unlock insights from Hadoop data.”

“We are pleased to support Hortonworks Data Platform, with its enterprise-class data integration capabilities and open source model,” said Jerry Chen, vice president, Cloud and Application Services, VMware. “These key elements make it easy for customers with big data workloads to use Hadoop in virtualized environments, and realize the resource utilization, elasticity, high availability and multi-tenancy benefits of cloud infrastructure.”

HDP Availability and Resources
Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0 will be available June 15, 2012, for download at:

For more information, attend our Introduction to Hortonworks Data Platform webcast June 26, register here or contact Hortonworks at

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