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Hortonworks Releases Newest Version of Hortonworks Data Platform

100-percent Open Source Platform Features Expanded High Availability and Streaming Data Capture, Easier Integration with Existing Tools to Improve Enterprise Reliability and Performance of Apache Hadoop

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—September 12th, 2012—Hortonworks, a leading contributor to Apache Hadoop projects, today announced the newest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), the industry’s only 100-percent open source platform powered by Apache Hadoop. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the High Availability Add-On, Flume integration, monitoring API enhancements and core platform performance improvements, HDP 1.1 strengthens Apache Hadoop as a reliable, next-generation enterprise data platform for deriving greater business value and insight from big data.

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The Hortonworks Data Platform continues to help accelerate Apache Hadoop’s move into production environments at the world’s leading enterprise organizations. HDP 1.1 is built on Apache Hadoop 1.0, the most stable and reliable Hadoop code available today, providing enterprise organizations with a proven and trusted data management infrastructure for harnessing the power of big data. By delivering new full stack, high availability on the most trusted and current versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), HDP is providing an Apache Hadoop platform with the availability required by today’s businesses.

“Apache Hadoop is rapidly becoming the open source standard for big data management, storage and analysis, and we are excited to support the Hortonworks Data Platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager Platform Business Unit, Red Hat. “A standard, tested and reliable solution for providing on-demand failover, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the High Availability Add-On makes the HDP distribution of Apache Hadoop mission-critical by addressing single points of failure. We look forward to working with the Hortonworks team to help accelerate deployments of Apache Hadoop across enterprise environments.”

Apache Hadoop captures stores and analyzes structured and unstructured data, as well as real-time streams of information, flowing throughout today’s enterprise environments. By providing more data capture options with Flume integration, the Hortonworks Data Platform enables enterprises to extract value from high-volume data streams and event processing. HDP also accelerates Apache Hadoop’s role as a mainstream component of the modern data architecture, delivering enhanced integration with existing operations and management tools to ensure performance and availability. In addition, HDP now delivers improved performance for HDFS with faster read and write performance and faster MapReduce execution.

“With multiple high availability options and Flume integration, Hortonworks is delivering a truly non-proprietary 100-percent open source version of Apache Hadoop that is extremely stable and enterprise-ready,” said Ari Zilka, chief products officer, Hortonworks. “Coming on the heels of the HDP 1.0 introduction this summer, HDP 1.1  continues our development of an ecosystem-friendly Apache Hadoop platform that is more easily integrated with our partners’ applications and our customers’ existing enterprise systems. By making Apache Hadoop easier to consume and use in enterprise environments, Hortonworks is empowering organizations to derive more business value from their big data.”

Features & Benefits

The newest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform features a number of enhancements designed to improve Apache Hadoop deployments in enterprise environments, including:

  • High Availability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the High Availability Add-On—improves reliability and stability while broadening the enterprise readiness of Apache Hadoop. High availability support enables organizations already using Red Hat Enterprise Linux to take Hadoop from proof of concept to production and allows them to satisfy SLA reliability requirements.
  • Flume Integration—enables expanded streaming data capture for analysis within the Hortonworks Data Platform. Organizations can now easily and reliably collect and analyze real-time data streams, such as high-volume web logs, in Apache Hadoop, driving additional insights from data that was previously too bulky to capture and process.
  • Improved Performance—faster read and write in HDFS speeds data capture and delivery within the platform. Improved MapReduce execution performance means that jobs process data more quickly.
  • Open Management Console for Monitoring API Enhancements—delivers easier and deeper integration into third-party management tools and systems to gain insight into performance and assure availability, provision nodes in a cluster and perform ongoing maintenance of the Hadoop platform.


Hortonworks Data Platform 1.1 is now available for download at:

For more information:

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