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Microsoft Azure HDInsight Cloud Service

Manage All Your Data in a Single, Scalable Cloud Platform

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Premier Data Cloud Provider

Premier Data Cloud Provider

Microsoft and Hortonworks have come together to help companies by offering the big data analytics platform on the Azure cloud service. Organizations can now experience the complete capabilities of a high-powered, fully managed cloud service environment powered by Apache Hadoop®, Apache Spark using Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Accelerate all your workloads seamlessly with Microsoft and Hortonworks’ industry-leading big data cloud service.

Azure HDInsight was designed to make Hadoop and Spark simple with lower manageability costs and higher developer productivity. Customers have seen a 63% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and 66% higher IT staff efficiencies by deploying on the big data cloud service Azure HDInsight over on-premises Hadoop deployments.[1] It is also the only managed cloud Hadoop offering using Hortonworks, the industry leading Hadoop distribution.

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Rapidly start your big data analytics initiative on the Azure cloud service using rich productivity suites for Hadoop and Spark with your preferred development environment such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ for Scala, Python, R, Java, and .Net support. Data scientists gain the ability to combine code, statistical equations, and visualizations to tell a story about their data through integration with the two most popular notebooks, Jupyter and Zeppelin.

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[1] Marden, Matthew and Olofson, Carl (IDC). The Business Value and TCO Advantage of Apache Hadoop in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure HDInsight (International Data Corporation [IDC], Framingham, MA), 2015.

Industry Solutions

Click the sections below to explore how companies in retail, manufacturing, financial services can unlock new insights and efficiencies with Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

  • Today’s merchants are challenged to understand and direct the shopping experience. With big data collection, storage, analysis, and automation, retailers can deliver high-value customer interactions every time. Learn how to optimize insights from data and solve tough challenges, such as:

    • Customer experience
    • Product, pricing, promotions
    • Data collection and security

    Hortonworks and Microsoft can improve customer satisfaction and store performance with advances in data management solutions. Find out more:

    feature blog
    White paper
    Using Big Data to create and deliver optimum shopping experiences
    feature blog
    Solving for Satisfaction: How new data management supports retail success
  • Today’s complex, fast-changing business environment requires manufacturers to pivot quickly to achieve optimal profitability, outperform the competition, and deliver the best possible customer value. Learn how optimize insights from data and solve tough challenges such as:

    • Global, unpredictable competition
    • Increasingly complex supply chains
    • Shorter product innovation cycles

    Hortonworks and Microsoft can increase productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with powerful, scalable big data management and analytics solutions. Find out more:

    feature blog
    White paper
    Consumers in control: How manufacturers can make shifting customer dynamics produce business results
    feature blog
    A practical big data analytics strategy to help manufacturers own the future
  • As competitive pressures grow and the pace of change accelerates, financial services providers need tools to make better decisions in less time and target customer needs with pinpoint accuracy. Learn how optimize insights from data and solve tough challenges such as:

    • Market transformation – mobile technology and social media
    • Increasing risk with financial cybercrime
    • Data friction – fragmented data resources by lines of business, and traditional data warehouses

    Hortonworks and Microsoft can differentiate offerings and prevent fraud with big data analytics. Find out more:

    feature blog
    Microsoft Azure HDInsight for financial services providers
    feature blog
    What can Big Data do for Financial Services?