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Big Data Cybersecurity

Ready for Big Data Cybersecurity?

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The Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform offers a single, comprehensive view of business risk through a security lens. Enabled by big data technology, the Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform provides an accelerated path to a single view of relevant threat data and ways to address them, realized through specific data, analytical models and user interfaces to increase efficiency of security operations.

Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform, built on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF), delivers the following key capabilities:

Comprehensive Graphic

A centralized single view of all relevant data with alert summaries and advanced search alleviates information overload and expedites threat analysis and resolution.

High Speed Rocket Graphic
High Speed Ingestion

Security telemetry is constantly generated, and needs to be immediately collected, normalized and stored at extremely high speeds to make it easily accessible for advanced computation and analytics.

Realtime Graphic
Real Time Processing

Real-time enrichment to augment streaming data feeds with information such as threat intelligence, geolocation, and DNS creates meta-data critical for any investigation.

Efficient Graphic

Cost effective data storage is necessary so that logs and telemetry can be efficiently mined and analyzed with long term visibility and full packets can be extracted and reconstructed to help trace who the true attacker was, what data was leaked, and where that data was sent.