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Hortonworks DataPlane

Unified Platform for Hybrid Data Environment


Hortonworks DataPlane is a portfolio of data solutions that enable enterprises to consistently manage, secure, govern and optimize data their data stored in on-premises data centers and in the cloud to institute an effective hybrid data strategy.

DataPlane is composed of a core platform and an extensible set of applications. All DataPlane Applications operate on top of the core platform that serves as a management layer across a company’s big data clusters.

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Cluster visibility

Register your on-premises and cloud clusters with DataPlane and get visibility into cluster information including status, location, version and number of nodes

  • Implement an enterprise hybrid data architecture
  • Create a global view of all your clusters - whether on-premises or in the cloud
  • Easily access information about cluster health status, services and location

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Role-based administration

Leverage your centralized identity provider such as an LDAP or AD for authentication and authorization. Knox single sign on (SSO) ensures that users and services are authorized to perform specific actions on the respective clusters, and propagates the identity of the user or service from DataPlane to the cluster services.

  • Comprehensive security controls that authenticates with enterprise identity system
  • Simplified and consistent access to clusters
  • Safely propagate the identity of the user or service to the cluster services

Press Release: Hortonworks Advances Global Data Management with Hortonworks DataPlane Service
Unified platform for DataPlane Applications

DataPlane provides a platform for running one or more DataPlane applications that can be used with clusters that have been registered with DataPlane.

  • Unified platform for the delivery of multiple data management applications
  • Enables administrator to perform tasks related to clusters, users, and enabling services
  • Provide users with access to assigned roles

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