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Hybrid Data Architecture

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Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®)

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®)

HDP is the industry's only true secure, enterprise-ready open source Apache™ Hadoop® distribution based on a centralized architecture (YARN). HDP addresses the complete needs of data-at-rest, powers real-time customer applications and delivers robust big data analytics that accelerate decision making and innovation.

Powering the Future of Data


Powerful Insights Whether in the Data Center or in the Cloud

Flexible, Efficient and Portable Data Insights across environments.

Hortonworks provides you with the flexibility to run the same industry-leading, open source platform to gain data insights in the data center as well as on the public cloud of your choice. Whether it is Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, your organization can harness the agility of the cloud, while at the same time run your on-premise workloads to become a hybrid, data-driven enterprise. With our enterprise ready modern data architecture, customers will have a consistent experience across both the data center and the cloud.

HDP Hybrid Architecture

HDP Downloads

Try out the latest HDP features and functionality and set HDP up for a production environment.

HDP Add-Ons

Check out HDP add-ons for connecting with popular BI tools.

HDP Platform Security

Check out the process that we have put in place to secure HDP.

Cornerstone of Hortonworks Data Platform

YARN and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) are the cornerstone components of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for data-at-rest. While HDFS provides the scalable, fault-tolerant, cost-efficient storage for your big data lake, YARN provides the centralized architecture that enables you to process multiple workloads simultaneously. YARN provides the resource management and pluggable architecture for enabling a wide variety of data access methods.

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Data Management

Data streaming, processing and analytics engines for a variety of workloads

Hortonworks Data Platform includes a versatile range of processing engines that empower you to interact with the same data in multiple ways, at the same time. This means applications for big data analytics can interact with the data in the best way: from batch to interactive SQL or low latency access with NoSQL. Emerging use cases for data science, search and streaming are also supported with Apache Spark, Storm and Kafka.

Data Access

Load and manage data according to policy

HDP extends data access and management with powerful tools for data governance and integration. They provide a reliable, repeatable, and simple framework for managing the flow of data in and out of Hadoop. This control structure, along with a set of tooling to ease and automate the application of schema or metadata on sources is critical for successful integration of Hadoop into your modern data architecture.

Hortonworks has engineering relationships with many leading data management providers to enable their tools to work and integrate with HDP.

Data Governance & Integration

Authentication, authorization, and data protection

Security is woven and integrated into HDP in multiple layers. Critical features for authentication, authorization, accountability and data protection are in place to help secure HDP across these key requirements. Consistent with this approach throughout all of the enterprise Hadoop capabilities, HDP also ensures you can integrate and extend your current security solutions to provide a single, consistent, secure umbrella over your modern data architecture.

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Take the guesswork out of operating Hadoop

Operations teams deploy, monitor and manage a Hadoop cluster within their broader enterprise data ecosystem. Apache Ambari simplifies this experience. Ambari is an open source management platform for provisioning, managing, monitoring, and securing the Hortonworks Data Platform. It enables Hadoop to fit seamlessly into your enterprise environment.

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Provision and manage Hadoop clusters in any cloud environment

Cloudbreak, as part of Hortonworks Data Platform and powered by Apache Ambari, allows simplified provisioning and Hadoop cluster management in any cloud environment including; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack. It optimizes your use of cloud resources as workloads change.

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What's New in Hortonworks Data Platform 3.0



  • Containerization provides faster time to deployment at a lower TCO
  • Supports 3rd party apps in docker containers as well at native YARN containers
  • Erasure coding boosts storage efficiency by 50%, allowing efficient data replication to lower total cost of ownership
  • Real-time database eliminates the performance gap between low latency and high throughput workloads to process more data at a faster rate



  • GPU support accelerates time to insights for more intelligent decisions
  • Obtain high performance computing for enterprise machine learning and deep learning apps
  • Containerized TensorFlow tech preview combined with GPU pooling for easier designing, building and training for deep learning models
  • GPU pooling enables the sharing of GPU resources with more workloads for cost effectiveness



  • Automated cloud provisioning to simplify big data deployments while optimizing the use of cloud resources
  • Cloud storage support to store endless amounts of data in its native format including ADLS, WASB, S3, GCS (tech preview)
  • Cloud agnostic - Cloudbreak provides easy provisioning of clusters in the cloud by deploying HDP to your cloud provider of choice
  • Service connectors to cloud including HBase and S3 (tech preview), and Spark with S3Guard for higher query performance