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Welcome to the Resource Center. Here you will find links to all of the various resources available on the website.

12.February 2018

Hortonworks Premier – Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) with NiFi’s creator, Joe Witt

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) provides the only end-to-end platform that collects, curates, analyzes and acts on data in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud, with a drag-and-drop visual interface. HDF is an integrated solution with Apache Nifi/MiNifi, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm and Druid. In this exclusive Premier Inside Out, you will hear from the creator of […]

9.February 2018

HDF 3.1 Series – Part 3: Technical Deep-Dive on New Flow Management Features

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) has revolutionized the way developers build data flows to ingest, curate, transform, govern and stream data. With its visual user interface, developers can quickly drag and drop processors to build data flows that perform complex data ingestion and transformation. Since HDF is powered by Apache NiFi, we are excited about the latest […]

9.February 2018

HDF 3.1 Series – Part 2: A Technical Deep-Dive on New Streaming Features

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) is the complete solution that addresses the most complex streaming architectures of today’s enterprises. More than 20 billion IoT devices are active on the planet today and thousands of use cases across IIOT, Healthcare and Manufacturing warrant capturing data-in-motion and delivering actionable intelligence right NOW. “Data decay” happens in a matter of […]

9.February 2018

HDF 3.1 Series – Part 1: Redefining Data-in-Motion with Modern Data Architectures

With IoT exploding across all verticals and with terabytes of data flowing in through multiple streaming sources, enterprises are having a hard time trying to gain real-time insights and take corrective action on data as it flows in. Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) addresses the most compelling use cases of today’s enterprises struggling to find predictive insights […]

5.February 2018

Enable Interactive Business Intelligence on Hadoop

With its low costs and easy scalability, enterprises are using Hadoop for more applications. Modern Business Intelligence is interactive and pervasive, resulting in a high concurrency and query load for Hadoop. The result? Business users experience slow response time to their BI applications that only get worse as increased users are given access to BI. […]

5.February 2018

Running Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud Securely with Ease – Live Demo

Demand for cloud is through the roof and cloud architecture dominates Enterprise IT spending! This comes with the challenges of running enterprise workloads in the cloud securely and with ease.   Attend this webinar where experts will take you through a novel solution to simplify provisioning and managing enterprise workloads while providing an open and […]

31.January 2018

Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM) Part 2

Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM) simplifies the development, deployment, monitoring and debugging of analytic applications geared towards data in motion. Using a drag-and-drop interface, application developers can create complex streaming analytics apps for event correlation, context enrichment and complex pattern matching; eliminating the need for specialized skill sets. In this session we will cover the high-level […]

31.January 2018
solution brief

HDF Solution Sheet

Create streaming analytics applications in minutes without writing code.

31.January 2018
white paper

Executing on the Promise of Open Source in Government

GovLoop IT Modernization Guide Industry Spotlight: Executing on the Promise of Open Source in Government An interview with Henry Sowell, Chief Information Security Officer, Hortonworks Due to a confluence of challenges – including outdated infrastructure, disparate data and lack of data security – open source is more important than ever for government missions. DOWNLOAD NOW

31.January 2018
press analyst

Hortonworks DataPlane Service: Report Reprint

Hortonworks recently launched Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS). The service is meant to provide a semblance of manageability to organizations with not only multiple data lakes, but also with legacy data systems that may be part of the environment. At its core, Hortonworks DPS enables users to integrate data sources, provide data cataloging capabilities and implement […]

23.January 2018
solution brief

IBM Big SQL Solution Sheet

22.January 2018

Unlock Value from Big Data with Apache NiFi and Streaming CDC

Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It provides an end-to-end platform that can collect, curate, analyze, and act on data in real-time, on-premises, or in the cloud with a drag-and-drop visual interface. It’s being used across industries on large amounts of data that had stored […]

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