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Professional Big Data Consulting Services


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Your Way to Success

Adoption of a modern data platform is a journey. Every step requires different levels of technology, people and process capabilities. A reliable services partner with deep expertise is key for your success at each step of the way. Hortonworks service model is designed to provide expertise needed at each step of your adoption journey. We defined our offerings to address unique needs at each level.

Powering the Future of Data®



Implementation, Advisory, and Managed Services are delivered by our global professional services consultants, to help you succeed with the adoption of connected data platforms. Hortonworks IAM services are based on proven methodologies that are developed by our experts in collaboration with product management, and committers from our R&D teams.

Our Offerings

Implementation, Advisory and Managed Services tailored for your specific requirements of each stage of your adoption journey.






Hortonworks experts help implement and integrate data platforms, and deliver use cases.


Choosing Hortonworks platforms for connected data is the first step in taking your business to the next level. Hortonworks professional services can help implement your use cases, migrate from the legacy data platforms, and help your organization take advantage of new capabilities.

Establish ETL Foundation with HDP and deploy three ETL processing chains in days

Build data lake foundation with HDP
Build data ingest foundation with HDF and deploy a data ingest use case in days
Migrations services to HDP from legacy platforms; Cloudera (CDH), MapR, Pivotal (PHD), IBM BigInsights, Apache Hadoop
Secure your data whether at rest in your data lake or in motion with security implementation services
Implementation and Advisory from Hortonworks data science experts


Consult with experts to get more business value out of your data platform.


The Hortonworks Services team knows the details involved with deploying and integrating connected data platforms across your enterprise. Our experts bring their expertise to help define a strategy to achieve your goals, plan the course of action and design architecture and processes for success.

Consult with Hortonworks experts on data platform strategy, architecture and planning
Optimize your HDP, improve performance and effectiveness based on Hortonworks assessment and recommendations for optimization
Advisory Services to establish Big Data and Analytics Center of Excellence


Offload management of your systems, or extend your team with experts.


Managed Services from Hortonworks move beyond the traditional incident management by taking on the administration of your platform or providing services as a part of your team. Our remote or in residence services engineers can provide services for your platforms that are deployed on cloud or on premise.

Services delivered at your site by resident Hortonworks experts
Offload administration services to Hortonworks experts who will remotely administer your clusters that are deployed on cloud or on premise

Our Customers

  • Symantec
  • Mercy

About Professional Services

Implementation, Advisory and Managed Services tailored for your specific requirements of each stage of your adoption journey. Read Professional Services data sheet


Senior teams of experienced professionals, certified in the HDP environment


Global network of consultants, engineers, and published visionaries in Big Data, Hadoop and Data Science


More committers to the Apache Software Foundation ecosystem of Hadoop projects than any other organization in the world


Complete services portfolio to help maximize value from implementation to consulting and management.


Service coverage for the entire data application lifecycle from architect, deploy to operate.


Services tailored to address your needs at each step of your adoption journey from cultivate, proliferate and transform

Management Team

Our Professional Services management team leads our team of professional services consultants who are committed in making your Big Data vision successful. Our combined years of experience in consulting delivery and Big Data helps our clients implement modern data architectures for their enterprise data platform. Whether you are just beginning your journey with Big Data, are starting a green-fields implementation, have a mature data warehouse environment or are envisioning a Data Lake, we can help you.

Our Experts


Dev is an Engagement Manager within the Professional Services team in Asia-Pacific. He is passionate about technology and how technology continues to transform our lives every day. He has a history of leading successful services engagements in Data Warehousing, Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data. Dev is PMP-certified and is also completing an Executive MBA.


Hari is a seasoned Systems Architect with an in-depth of knowledge in Hadoop and NoSQL technologies. Hari's wide Development and Dev-Ops background has helped build massively large scale Big Data processing platforms for customers to kick start, progress and mature in their Big Data journey at Petabyte scale. He has provided scalable and distributed solutions for many use cases and also offered Operational and Data Governance guidance to various financial, healthcare, retail and telecommunication customers.


Alexandru is an accomplished Systems Architect, with over 2 years of hands-on administration and development with Hadoop technologies and has over 10 years of experience with Linux and Java platforms and distributed database systems. He likes helping customers optimize, secure and scale their Big Data platforms. His background is Linux systems engineering and automation and he enjoys automating all things Hadoop using Ansible.


Saurabh is a Solution Architect with strong expertise in Hadoop ecosystem and rich field experience. He helps large to small enterprises solve their business problems strategically, functionally and at scale by leveraging BigData technologies. He is equipped with hands-on experience building, coding and directing successful information technology initiatives. Has over 12 years of strong IT experience and has served in key positions as Resident Big Data Solution Architect, Performance Architect, Technology Architect in multiple large and complex enterprise programs. Has extensive knowledge of BigData/NoSql technologies including Hadoop, Yarn, Spark, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Storm, Kafka, Nifi etc. and has been working in this space for last 6+ years. He’s architected and designed big data platforms and applications that consist of 1000s of nodes , 10s of Petabytes of data and Complex ETL workflows requirements and has provided solutions for Real Time analytics, Data Pipelines, leverage co-located datasets at scale for Analytics insight and pattern detection using different Data Science Algorithms. Designed and Implemented Scalable data pipelines that produce results in minutes or hours across peta-bytes of data, along with building and discovering new ways to co-locate, integrate and leverage disparate datasets using key architecture patterns like Lambda and HTAP for IOT applications.


Monique is a high energy and passionate Engagement Manager with a proven track record of leading worldwide information management and Big Data projects to Enterprise customers. Certified PMP and CSM, Monique loves to provide thought leadership and guidance on how to approach project implementation towards building a modern data architecture for delivering greater actionable insights and successful results. Her goal is to help her Enterprise customers accelerate their journey with the best customer experience leveraging technical best practices and lessons learned from all her global projects. “Monique is always a breath of fresh air and adds a sense of enthusiasm and spirit of camaraderie that is unusual in client-provider relationships.” UK Customer