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Flex Support Subscription

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Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription addresses the support requirements of enterprises running fluctuating workloads on-premises and/or in the cloud. Flex support subscription come with built-in performance tuning of Hortonworks SmartSense and is a consumption based support model.


Support for HDCloud for AWS

Expertise for optimizing Data Science (Spark), ETL (Hive) and Analytics (Hive LLAP) HDCloud workloads.

Expanded Access to Expertise

More access to Hortonworks expertise – beyond just HDP on prem, to HDCloud for AWS and HDP on IaaS.

Built-In Performance Optimization

SmartSense helps you increase the efficiency of your deployment by up to 2x

IT Agility

Migrate your infrastructure on your own terms and schedule. Also ideal for more variable workloads such as Dev, QA and ephemeral production.

Transferability of Support Credits

Shared support credits between HDP on-prem, HDCloud for AWS or HDP on IaaS for seamless support for on-prem, cloud and hybrid enviroments.

Match support costs to usage patterns

Purchase a support plan and adjust based on usage patterns


A Flex Support Subscription consists of 3 parts:


Annual Flex Plan.


Pre-purchased Flex Credits through which support is purchased, added, subtracted, deprecated valid for the term of the plan.


SmartSense to optimize performance and measure usage.