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Hortonworks SmartSense<sup>™</sup> Support Subscription

Hortonworks SmartSense Support Subscription

Resolve Issues Before They Occur

Given the pace of Big Data and the critical nature of data applications, it has become imperative for organizations to stay ahead of cluster issues and resolve them rapidly. This has fundamentally changed the model for delivering Hadoop support from reactive to proactive monitoring and actionable recommendations that are actually delivered prior to customer experiencing an issue.

Hortonworks SmartSense: Enabling Proactive Issue Resolution & Personalized Cluster Insights. Download the White Paper to read more.

Proactive Support

Hortonworks SmartSense provides a collection of tools and services to proactively prevent common cluster problems. With SmartSense customers can quickly capture the diagnostic information required to resolve issues. This information is also used to generate proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations. SmartSense extends the reach of customers’ operations teams with access to industry-best practices and domain expertise of Hortonworks engineering and support teams.


With SmartSense 1.4, we focused on the following key areas:


Recommendations In Ambari
Recommendations now flow directly into Ambari and using the SmartSense View you can now apply recommendations with the click of a button. SmartSense uses Apache Ambari to apply configuration recommendations, making recommendations easy to apply with full support for Apache Ambari’s configuration version control.


Recommendation Export
Need to share recommendations with another team? You can now export recommendations as a spreadsheet for easy sharing using our ‘Export as Excel’ functionality. With a single click, you can share your recommendations with your colleagues to help with approval or application.


Troubleshoot YARN Apps & Hive Queries
SmartSense now allows you to capture logs, explain plans, and container logs for YARN applications and Hive Queries. No more spending time manually gathering configuration and logs to troubleshoot complex YARN and Hive support cases, SmartSense handles it for you with a few clicks.

Cluster Activity Reporting and Visualization

SmartSense improves your visibility into cluster activity with visualization and reporting capabilities for YARN, MapReduce/Tez, and HDFS. SmartSense 1.3 provides operators with the ability to quickly understand how business users and tenants are using cluster resources.

Multiple Bundle Upload Option

SmartSense Gateway simplifies the process of uploading bundles of diagnostic information to Hortonworks Support. In SmartSense 1.3, users have additional upload options with SFTP, HTTPS and authenticated HTTPS proxy support.

Expanded Anonymization/ Redaction Capabilities

Giving customers the flexibility to pre-process cluster diagnostic information before it is encrypted and sent to Hortonworks has always been a priority for SmartSense. In this release we’ve expanded the number of out-of-the-box Anonymization rules to give customer more options for securing cluster diagnostic information.

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SmartSense uses advanced analytics to make recommendations based on the deep knowledge of our Hortonworks engineers and committers to prevent issues and improve performance of your HDP cluster. Based on the diagnostic data collected from HDP clusters around the world, SmartSense help you tune your configuration for maximum performance up to 2X.



SmartSense provides Hortonworks support engineers with the context, configuration and log information that is critical to resolving support cases quickly. SmartSense efficiently collects diagnostic information, performance metrics and log files. This information is packaged into a single file that can be uploaded with your support case giving support engineers a comprehensive view of the issue. Providing up-front access to this diagnostic information helps reduce the back-and-forth nature of troubleshooting that consumes valuable time and resources.



SmartSense also helps customers stay ahead of issues by providing actionable recommendations that are tailored for individual clusters and workloads. SmartSense customers can benefit from over 200 rules that have been created to produce recommendations for cluster performance, security and operations for each individual cluster node. On average, the SmartSense service produces 15 highly impactful recommendations for a typical cluster. These recommendations ensure that your cluster configuration keeps pace with the changing Hadoop landscape and diverse workloads.



Getting a clear idea of how business users and tenants are using cluster resources is critical for resource allocation in any multi-tenant environment. SmartSense gives operations teams the ability to visualize and report on cluster utilization data for critical Hadoop components. Answering questions like, who is using the most HDFS resources, what jobs are taking the longest to run, which jobs are consuming and wasting the most resources and how much should I charge each business unit for their use over the last quarter, are easily answered with SmartSense.