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Enterprise Big Data Solutions

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Making your vision a reality

It starts with what you see—not right in front of you, but rather, far ahead. Because what really matters is where you’re going. Our Connected Data Platforms can help you create actionable intelligence to transform your business with: Speed. Insight. Flexibility. Affordability.

See how various industries are using the Hortonworks connected data platform to achieve amazing things. Will you be the next one to be first in some way? We don’t see why not.

Industry Solutions

  • Over 60% of financial institutions in North America, for instance, believe that big data analytics offers a significant competitive advantage.

    Financial service firms stand to reap big gains when they capture the full value of Big Data. Banks and capital markets firms that store and process huge amounts of data have better insight into both their risks and opportunities. The Connected Data Platforms offered by Hortonworks help financial service firms:

    • manage default risk,
    • improve customer cross-sell, and
    • detect money laundering.

    Learn more about how Hortonworks partners with financial companies to grow revenue, improve efficiency and manage risk.

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    How Data Science is Transforming the Banking Industry
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    Actionable Intelligence for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Estimates suggest that by better integrating Big Data healthcare could save as much as $300 billion a year — that’s equal to reducing costs by $1000 a year for every man, woman, and child.
    - Forbes

    Forward-leaning healthcare companies make use of their Big Data in a variety of innovative ways, giving patients more choices and doctors more insight. Hortonworks helps those innovators turn disparate, unstructured data coming from digital healthcare devices into actionable intelligence:

    • tracking equipment and medicines,
    • monitoring patient vitals in real time,
    • increasing prescription adherence,
    • and improving patient recovery.

    Understand how Hortonworks healthcare customers improve clinical operations, billing and patient outcomes.

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    UC Irvine Uses HDP™ to Improve Patient Care
    Healthcare is Making Elephant-sized Strides with Big Data
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  • Beyond setting fairer, more efficient premiums, Big Data has also proven itself to be of use to the insurance company in cracking down on fraud.
    - Forbes

    The insurance business has always been a data business. Today's insurance carriers are using Big Data to rethink traditional models for customer engagement, driving big gains. Actionable intelligence from Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms allows insurance carriers to:

    • build 360-degree views of their customers,
    • detect fraud, and
    • boost agent productivity.

    Learn more about how the Hortonworks insurance solutions reduce moral hazard and describe risk with more detail and confidence than ever before possible.

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    The Six Steps of Wrangling Insurance Data
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    Leveraging Big Data for Insurance Insights
  • A chemical company was able to reduce its waste of raw materials by 20 percent and its energy costs by around 15 percent, thereby improving overall yield.
    - McKinsey

    New and better data are allowing global manufacturers to rethink their mature, decades-old processes. By integrating Big Data into every phase of their operations, Hortonworks manufacturing and automotive customers create better products and reduce waste. Our Connected Data Platforms help them:

    • assure just-in-time delivery of raw materials,
    • reduce warranty expenses,
    • increase yields, and
    • control quality with real-time & historical assembly line data.

    Learn more about how those manufacturers team up with Hortonworks to make better products at a lower cost.

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    Western Digital
  • Power and utility companies around the globe face significant industry changes that are transforming how they conduct business. They must deliver safe, dependable, and affordable energy to their customers while also managing the pressures associated with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, aging assets, rising demand for alternative energy sources, and an immense growth in data generated from newly deployed Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI). Many of the world's largest power and utility companies have turned to Hortonworks' Connected Data Platforms to manage their data in motion and data at rest—improving reliability, operational efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

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    Open Energi
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  • Analytic advantages could help oil and gas companies improve production by 6% to 8%.
    - Bain and Company

    Advances in instrumentation, process automation, and collaboration are making geolocation, weather and seismic data actionable at oil and gas companies. This new sensor data can be combined with “human-generated” market reports, social media streams, and emails to produce actionable intelligence that used to be out of reach. Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms help oil and gas companies:

    • monitor upstream production in remote locations,
    • slow decline curves,
    • proactively repair valuable equipment, and
    • report on compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

    Learn more about how Hortonworks Data Platform and Hortonworks DataFlow are transforming the oil and gas industry.

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    Three Open Source Projects Transforming Oil and Gas Companies
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    The Power of Advanced Analytics for Midstream Oil and Gas
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  • 62% of pharmaceutical and life science executives say Big Data analytics have changed their approach to decision making.
    - PwC

    Hortonworks helps pharmaceutical companies to turn disparate, unstructured data into actionable intelligence. Our Connected Data Platforms help pharmaceutical executives:

    • recruit research cohorts,
    • manage genomic data for clinical trials,
    • accelerate a drug's time to market,
    • improve safety, and
    • and optimize manufacturing yields.

    Learn more about how the Hortonworks approach to data-at-rest and data-in-motion is reshaping the pharmaceutical industry.

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    HDP for Manufacturing Yield Optimization in Pharma
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    Big Data for Healthcare and Pharma Webinar Series
  • Public sector IT transformation is in full swing and we can see evidence in new digital government initiatives that are beginning to align government services with consumer expectations and the advances made in the private sector.
    – CIOReview

    Today's government, defense and intelligence agencies face extraordinary challenges to do more with less. Just like the private sector, they're tapping Big Data for the answers. Connected Data Platforms help the public sector use Big Data to:

    • proactively maintain public infrastructure,
    • monitor and understand public sentiment,
    • protect networks from threats, and
    • fight fraud and waste.

    Learn more about how Hortonworks partners with civilian, defense and intelligence agencies to transform the public sector.

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    Public Sector Does Hadoop®
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    case study
    The MITRE Corporation and the FAA Transform Air Travel
  • Retailers who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60%.

    Consumers generate more data about their shopping, purchases and preferences than they ever have before. Retailers are capturing that Big Data with the help of Connected Data Platforms. With that actionable intelligence, retailers are able to:

    • build a 360° view of their customers,
    • localize and personalize consumer experiences,
    • manage their supply chains,
    • understand changes in brand sentiment via sentiment analysis, and
    • optimize websites, campaigns and store layouts.

    Learn more about how the Hortonworks solutions help retailers win new customers, improve margins and prevent stockouts.

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    Retail Insights with a Modern Data Architecture
    Pier One Imports Finds a Better Connection with Customers Through Cloud Machine Learning
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  • Bringing together data collected on customer usage, complaints, transactions, social media, [telecom companies] can create factors which can identify customers at risk of moving out.."

    The rate of data growth in telecommunications is a huge challenge, not to mention expense, driving storage and processing costs increasingly upward. Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms not only offer telecommunications companies more efficient, scalable storage, but also the analytical power to:

    • analyze call detail records (CDRs),
    • service transmission infrastructure proactively,
    • rationalize infrastructure investments, and
    • develop new products and services.

    Learn more about why most North American telcos subscribe to Hortonworks.

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    HDP for Telecommunications -- Common Data Challenges
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