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Connected Data for Real-Time Business Insights

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The Use Case for Big Data

Data is undeniably the currency of our digital world and companies are wrestling with ways to make better use of their data to innovate and compete. Key technology trends, and changes in the way customers want to consume information, are driving tectonic shifts in the data paradigm - all of which are generating massive amounts of data. Companies must rethink how they harness that data, or risk being left behind.

Big Data Creates New Opportunities But Increases Challenges

Smart mobility, the internet of things, digital personalization and cloud computing are changing the way businesses operate, run and achieve objectives. Companies have invested in big data technologies with the vision of enhancing customer experiences, driving product innovation, and harnessing real-time insights for business decision-making and operations.

Data is created, utilized and managed at various locations and at varying speeds. Data can be structured or unstructured, generated by humans or by machines and sensors. Companies are realizing that current approaches to big data architecture fail to achieve a consistent and trusted view of information across their enterprise, let alone reach their vision.

Is your organization experiencing any of these issues?

  • Inability to capture unstructured data hindering the capability to gauge customer sentiment

  • Lack of ability to capture and leverage edge data impeding nimble decision making

  • Incapability to use sensor edge data to create predictive insights to avoid asset downtime and failure

  • Lost operational efficiencies resulting in excess inventory and increased cost of goods sold

  • Lack of resources to leverage data for predictive automated use cases throttling fraud detection

  • Inability to prioritize and keep all your valuable data resulting in lost historical insight, impeding product innovation

  • Hampered marketing and sales efforts impacting revenue and retention

Growing Business Needs a Modern Big Data Architecture

Enter the Connected Data Fabric Architecture, a modern big data architecture that supports the growing needs of businesses. With a Connected Data Fabric Architecture, organizations can harness real-time insights from a multitude of big data types, sources, and locations. Companies gain a competitive edge by accelerating the delivery of new and actionable insights through advanced automation and intelligence to support new and emerging use cases such as IoT analytics, customer intelligence analytics, proactive fraud prediction, risk analytics, real-time analytics, and multi-dimensional views of the customer.

Benefits include:

  • New systems of insight fed by artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed deep learning.

  • Personalized experiences for 1:1 relationships with billions of customers.

  • Balanced supply chains and the elimination of slack and stock-outs.

  • Data defined new products and services. Many of the products of the future will be data driven or data enhanced

  • Operational efficiencies throughout organizations in every industry and of every size.

Connected Data Drives Competitive Edge

Systems of


Supply Chains

New Products
and Services


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