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Ensuring Success of Your Big Data Journey

What is Hortonworks Connection

The path to a successful big data implementation isn’t straightforward. There are many decisions and considerations along the way - from technology, to people to process that all need to come together for a successful outcome. Hortonworks Connection is about helping enterprises achieve their desired business outcomes with big data as fast as possible. From the start of your journey with big data, through to production deployments and transformational best practices, Hortonworks Connection offerings help make it easier every step of the way.



When you are just starting to explore big data, Hortonworks Connection offers expert-level advice, crowdsourced Q&A, knowledge sharing, tutorials, webinars, workshops, Meet-ups and a complete self-contained environment to test out the latest Hortonworks tech.



In production, you need to maximize system availability, performance and utilization. Hortonworks Connection provides enterprise support subscription, professional services, training and education. Hortonworks subscription also includes advanced analytical services for proactive recommendations to improve performance and avoid issues.



To further enhance system availability, performance and a competitive edge, Hortonworks Connection also offers advisory services, as well as premier support options, that drive towards transformational outcomes with big data and enable you to create a center of excellence within your organization.

Customer Case Studies


T-Mobile Leverages Hortonworks Expertise

T-Mobile is building their big data systems to support customer finance and marketing as a service.

"Last but not least Hortonworks has a lot of technical experience and also a lot of telecommunications experience which made it easy to talk to them."

T-Mobile Customer Case Study Watch The T-Mobile Case Study Video


Prescient is Investing in the Future with Hortonworks

Prescient is a global risk management company providing full-spectrum intelligence solutions to corporate, federal, and international clients. Their services, including traveler risk management are powered by Hortonworks technology.

"Early on, I wanted to ensure that we were putting our money, our investment in way that was kind of future proofing that bet, that evolutionary development."

Prescient Customer Case Study Watch The Prescient Case Study Video