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Sustainable GDPR Compliance

Threat Data Visibility, Governance, and Access Control Tip Scales

Infographic: View the Journey

Hortonworks Solutions and Compliance

GDPR represents a sea change for the organizations that store or process data on EU residents. As companies scramble to comply with GDPR, data governance helps enterprises manage risk effectively and gain competitive advantage through responsible use of data assets.

Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform provides an accelerated path to a single view of threat data to help enterprises comply with the breach notification provisions of GDPR.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) reduces compliance risk by identifying and classifying sensitive data, understanding its lineage and impact, and automating its use, retention, and recovery.

GDPR Compliance Building Blocks

Hortonworks Platform Components

Apache Metron enables a single view of diverse, streaming security data at scale to aid enterprises rapidly detect and respond to cyber security threats.


Atlas provides core metadata-driven data management and governance services for Apache Hadoop and enterprise data ecosystems.


Apache Ranger provides a centralized framework to define, administer and manage security policies consistently across big data ecosystem.


GDPR Compliance Core Capabilities

Breach Notification

Detect and respond to threats using a single view of diverse, streaming data at scale. Apache Metron is a centralized solution for security monitoring and analysis that features log aggregation, full packet capture indexing, advanced behavioral analytics and data enrichment.

Data Classification

Identify and classify sensitive data, harvest and maintain metadata about data stores, owners and business classifications using Apache Atlas.

Enterprise Data Catalog & Business Glossary

Leverage metadata to identify and classify sensitive data using Apache Atlas. Map sources and specific data locations that contain high-risk or personal data.

Data Lineage and Impact Analysis

Use Apache Atlas to maintain a near real-time view of data movement throughout the enterprise and understand the proliferation of sensitive data with data lineage and impact analysis.

Access Control

Use Apache Ranger to implement policy-based data access controls. Monitor user activity to support both forensic auditing, as well as alerting for proactive breach notification.

Data Anonymization

Protect sensitive data through anonymization and pseudonymization using Apache Ranger’s dynamic masking functionality.

Data Steward Studio

This content is not intended to constitute legal advice. Readers should consult with their own legal counsel regarding compliance with GDPR and other laws and regulations applicable to their particular situation and intended use of any Hortonworks products and services.