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Insurance is…..DATA!

Insurance companies of all types are in the thick of the digital customer imperative. Emerging and changing risks bring new challenges. It's about the right insurance coverage for the risk.

Every line of business faces these unique opportunities and threats. Data and analytics is front and center for the industry to provide insurance and loss prevention services for customer peace of mind.

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Use Cases

General Insurance (P&C, Non-Life)

InsurTech and the changing risk landscape is driving P&C Insurance companies to explore and leverage new and existing data sources. Real-time data from weather, seismic, drones, news feeds, sensors, and social coupled with machine learning is making their customer safer with preventive analytics.

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Life Insurance

The Connected World is redefining the Age of the Customer. One of the biggest opportunities for Life insurance companies is how to leverage data to better know, understand and provide customers with the right lifestyle-based coverages and financial products for peace of mind.

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Life Insurance

As a reinsurer there is constant change and new factors impacting the risk portfolio. Do you write more or less of the same, or look for new risks? Equipping underwriters with insights from new data sources and monitoring or listening to risk variables is critical to profitability and solvency.

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