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Real Time Streaming Data Analytics for IoT

Preventative Maintenance Solution Sheet


Streaming Analytics and IoT

Hortonworks Connected Data Platform allows enterprises to seamlessly collect and analyze streaming data from the Internet of Things (IoT) and perform real-time, large-scale and high speed analytics on this vast volume of data to generate immediate insights.

The Challenges

Real-time streaming data and analytics are necessary to achieve the business results enterprises are looking for but building these systems are often painstaking piecemeal integration projects that take an army of individual experts to deliver.

The Challenges

Challenges of Streaming IoT Data Collection and Data Analysis


Streaming IoT Data Collection

  • Secure collection at scale
  • Reliable data transport
  • Large numbers of distributed devices
  • Geographically dispersed environments
  • Variable bandwidth conditions
  • Limited or fluctuating resource conditions
  • Real-time responsiveness
  • Timely access to relevant data


Streaming IoT Data Analysis

  • Time to realize streaming insights
  • Easy access to real-time data
  • Dependence on specialized skill sets
  • Development time required
  • Real-time responsiveness
  • Swift manipulation of large data sets


Integrated Collection and Analysis

  • Time to integrate collection and analysis
  • Skills to deploy and maintain systems
  • Scalability across many of sources
  • Adaption rate to dynamic changes
  • Ease of access to real-time data

The Solution

To maximize the benefit of IoT data, enterprises need an integrated platform to leverage the ability to collect, analyze and act upon this streaming data in real-time. Collection and analysis need to be supported in a secure, scalable and reliable manner, adapting for dynamic fluctuations inherent in changing physical conditions over time. Analysis of real-time streaming data needs to be as easy as possible, in order to capitalize on the benefits of perishable insights generated by IoT data.

Hortonworks supports streaming analytics and the Internet of Things through Hortonworks DataFlow —an integrated data-source agnostic collection platform powered by Apache NiFi and Apache MiNiFi, along with the powerful streaming analytics capabilities of Apache Kafka and Storm. Together, this enables enterprises to leverage real-time streaming data through a single integrated offering for data collection from the very edge of an enterprise’s presence together with analytics accommodating the variety, velocity and volume of big data generated by the Internet of Things.

The Solution

IoT and Connected Cars

Real-time streaming analytics enables smart cities and connected cars to respond to real-time road and weather conditions. Watch Hortonworks and the connected car in action.

Finance and Retail

Consumers and retailers benefit from the availability of real-time data and insights. Credit card fraud can be detected in real time, and retailers can create a real-time single view of a customer that enables a real-time recommendation engine.

System Automation and Optimization

Optimizing the supply-chain between customer demand and production facilities brings significant benefits to cost, yield, efficiency and logistics.