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Drive Digital transformation with IoT Streaming

Hortonworks powers IoT data management from edge to enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT)—and the real-time data analytics it enables—lets you enhance customer experiences and create new business channels. Your IoT initiative is only as good as your ability to process and analyze the wealth of data it provides.

Insights from IoT streaming data let you make the right business decisions, at the right time. But IoT data is perishable. The velocity at which it’s generated makes the opportunity window very narrow, so real-time processing of streaming data is critical for a successful data-driven IoT implementation.

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HDF Data in Motion

Hortonworks Dataflow (HDF) provides an end-to-end platform to collect, curate, analyze, and act on IoT streaming data in real time—from the edge to the enterprise.

HDF makes IoT data management easy with the following capabilities:

  • Flow management—Acquire, transform, enrich, and route your IoT streaming data.
  • Stream processing—Process real-time IoT streaming data with a scalable data broker such as Apache Kafka and a powerful stream processing engine for generating predictive analytics.
  • Enterprise services—Manage, secure, and govern your IoT streaming data from edge to enterprise.

Use Cases

Predictive maintenance optimizes manufacturing processes

Avoiding downtime in manufacturing is critical to achieving high output at optimal costs. Factories equipped with smart sensors allow production managers to remotely monitor equipment and process performance. Sensors collect data on machine health and productivity that is then aggregated and compared to previous data to diagnose and address problems before they occur. Predictive maintenance and process optimization reduce bottlenecks and dips in production and drive down the cost of quality non-conformance. Data captured by sensors helps you understand where problems commonly occur and preemptively address these pitfalls when designing new processes and building new machinery.

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Predictive maintenance
Asset monitoring and tracking enable supply chain visibility

Real-time insights can streamline supply chain operations within a manufacturing facility. Advanced monitoring sensors and machine learning replace RFID tags to track quality of goods, automate the visual inspection of goods, or customize manufacturing for individual partners.

Real-time tracking of product movement enables vendors to monitor and replenish inventory almost instantly. For example, IoT devices embedded within refrigerated trucks carrying perishable foods can help in cold-chain monitoring by measuring temperature and humidity inside the truck and alerting the driver to abnormal temperature increases.

Supercharge your real-time connected supply chain
Asset Monitoring
Utilities monitoring boosts energy efficiency and prevents outages

Smart meters and real-time analytics enable utility companies to manage energy demand to minimize wasted energy, save customers money, and reduce environmental impact. Smart meters collect energy usage data and analyze it in real time to better understand usage patterns and predict spikes in energy demand. They can alert utility companies of disruptions in the system that could potentially cause outages. This lets you address smaller problems in the system before they have a larger impact on your customers.

Case Study: Centrica gains key insights into energy consumption patterns with IoT solutions
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Utilities Monitoring
Patient monitoring saves lives with real-time analytics and machine learning

Internet-connected devices that monitor patients’ vital signs allow doctors to quickly compare current and past patient data to detect changes in their health. By correlating symptom data with machine learning models built into IoT and wearable devices, doctors can identify and predict critical symptoms based on data from previous patients.

Data can be passed along to healthcare providers to compare with large clusters of patients to pinpoint early signs of disease and better determine how and when the patient should be treated. Additionally, remote telehealth technology lets doctors diagnose patients with milder symptoms that don’t require a hospital visit.

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Patient Monitoring
Usage-based insurance delivers accurate, real-time quotes to customers

Storm event details from streaming data provide insurance companies timely and accurate analyses. They can be compared with policies to evaluate the impact on customers and reduce costs by rapidly recovering property. Real-time streaming data can enable more accurate insurance quotes. Data acquired from connected cars can help assess driver risk.

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Usage-based Insurance