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Single View of Customer Data

Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers with a Single View of the Data


Businesses understand that the single view of customer delivers integrated and unified representation of all data for a complete and contextual understanding of customer behavior. Legacy data systems have been built with a one-to-one relationship between the end application and storage platform. For example, an accounting team manages a payment system with its database, the customer care team stores call logs in a CRM system, and a clinic stores patient data in an EMR platform. 
ApacheHadoop® helps create a single view of customer data and uncovers value that might have been within reach, but scattered across multiple interactions, channels, groups and platforms. Organizations can now leverage single customer view benefits like insights to better target, acquire and retain customers, identify opportunities, overcome challenges and grow revenues.

A Single View Opens New Paths to Value


Bring together customer and market data from new sources to target the best prospects. Tailor products to address emerging market opportunities and shifting customer tastes--both at the aggregate and individual levels.

One of the world’s largest retail websites generates 100s of megabytes of clickstream data every hour, but the ad impression and clickstream data were stored in separate platforms. By unifying data in HDP for single view of customer, the retailer optimized ad placement and improved its customer web experience.

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Bring together fragmented data siloed by different products and business units to better predict the next product to buy. Identify and close additional sales opportunities with existing customers.

A major telecommunications company uses HDP to infer demographics beyond the primary account-holder in order to increase cross-sell revenues. By combining customer data with information on subsidiary accounts, they gain a clearer picture of their customers and better serve their needs.

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Consolidate existing data with new data types and deliver consistency across different analytic tools. Coordinate and enrich customer-facing activities across multiple touch points to improve the overall customer experience.

A major retailer uses HDP to combine customer data across every system for a single view of customer. This allows the company to personalize service, improving the customer experience and increasing lifetime customer value.

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Single View Use Cases

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How do you improve the chances that your online customers will complete a purchase? Hadoop makes it easier to analyze and then change how visitors behave on your website. Here you can see how an online retailer optimized buying paths to reduce bounce rates and improve conversions. HDP can help you capture and refine website clickstream data for a single view of customer to exceed your company’s e-commerce goals. The tutorial that comes with this video describes how to refine raw clickstream data using HDP.

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With Hadoop, you can mine Twitter, Facebook and other social media conversations to analyze customer sentiment about you and your competition. With more social Big Data, you can make more targeted, real-time, decisions. The tutorial that comes with this video describes how to refine raw Twitter data using HDP.

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