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Get More from Your Data. Faster.

More than 80% of major telcos use our Hortonworks Data Platform. Find out why.


Our connected data platforms let you ingest staggering amounts of data and transform it into actionable insights. We can help you process and store data effectively and affordably to achieve 360° views of customers, process millions of phone calls, facilitate browsing, stream entertainment, analyze call records, or service equipment proactively by storing sensor data from the network.


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Hortonworks Internet of Things

Use Cases

Optimize your network

Network performance flows right to the bottom line. Using our connected data platforms, operators can identify problems in real time to resolve issues faster and more reliably. We help you improve network quality, reduce power consumption, and manage resources more efficiently.

White Paper: Streaming analytics
Network Optimization
Improve sales and marketing performance

Our connected data platforms help you increase productivity, create more intelligent marketing campaigns, and speed up sales analytics. Combining huge volumes of location data with other data in real time lets you fire up promotions and implement geo-based and real-time marketing programs.

Blog: Cox Communications: Promoting Better Customer Experience
Sales and marketing performance image
Manage security and reduce fraud

Use Hortonworks connected data platforms to detect fraud in real time and take action immediately. You can use the same platform to monitor cyber security, manage security information, and control physical or virtual access. Extend your business to provide security services to other organizations.

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Predictive maintenance
Boost business agility

Use insight from big data analytics to optimize your business strategy by discovering new opportunities and creating new business models. Consider delivering remote cloud services or establishing profitable new business partnerships.

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Blog: Sprint: Data Modernization Journey
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Business agility image
Develop new products and services

Analyze sales data to predict the revenue potential of new services. Discover subscribers’ behavior, interests, and sentiment. Predict the impact of pricing changes. Improve supply chain management by monitoring the performance of each supplier. And do what-if analysis for new product launches.

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Blog: How Telecommunications Companies Answer the Call for Innovation
New products and services image
Offer intelligent transport services

Track subscriber vehicle locations with GPS for security and route mapping. Capture traffic information and alert subscribers to congestion and other events. Advise of the location of important services like gas stations when gas is running low, and track distances driven for taxation purposes.

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Transport services image
Enhance customer care and improve retention

Use big data analytics to enhance customer care services and improve customer satisfaction. Discover why subscribers call, and implement automated procedures to resolve their calls faster.

Blog: Capturing Consumers in 8 Seconds or Less
Customer care improved retention image