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Getting Started with Druid

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In this tutorial, we will use the Wikipedia sample dataset of 2015 that comes with Druid after installation to store data into Druid and then query the data to answer questions.


Goals and Objectives

  • Configure Druid for HDP Sandbox
  • Analyze Dataset
  • Load Batch Data
  • Writing a Druid Ingestion Spec
  • Running Druid Task
  • Querying the Data


1. Druid Concepts: Gain high level overview of how Druid stores data, queries the data and the architecture of a Druid cluster.

2. Setting Up Development Environment: Setup hostname mapping to IP address, setup Ambari admin password, turn off services not needed and turn on Druid.

3. Loading Batch Data into Druid: Learn to load batch data into Druid by submitting an ingestion task that points to your desired data file via POST request.

4. Querying Data from Druid: Learn to write JSON-based queries to answer questions about the dataset.

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Tutorial Name
Getting Started with Druid

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