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HDF > Develop Data Flow & Streaming Applications > Hello World

Superset in Trucking IoT on HDF

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Superset is a Business Intelligence tool packaged with many features for designing, maintaining and enabling the storytelling of data through meaningful data visualizations. The trucking company you work at has a Trucking IoT Application that processes the truck and traffic data it receives from sensors, but the businesses leaders are not able to make sense of the data. They hired you as a Data Visualization Analyst to tell a story through visualizing this application’s data, such as how the traffic congestion levels impact truck driver performance, which ultimately affect the company. Therefore, your communication of your insights to business leaders will influence them to take action based on your recommendations.


The tutorial series breaks down into two modules:

In the lesson, you will learn the essential concepts of Data Visualization and start thinking about how you can apply them in the Trucking IoT Application. Then the second half of this lesson will introduce what, why, when and how to use Superset.

In the tutorial, you will apply the knowledge learned in the lesson module to design visualizations of the data using Superset.



  • Lesson – Data Visualization & Superset – Covers the fundamental concepts of Data Visualization and Superset.
  • Tutorial – Visualize Trucking Data – Shows how to visualize data using Superset.

Tutorial Reference Application

This tutorial series uses our Trucking IoT Application comprised of multiple subprojects. You will build the Superset visualization subproject.

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Superset in Trucking IoT on HDF

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