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How To Get Rich Visualization Of Data From Streaming Applications

Take control of your data with the new Streaming Analytics Manager.

Traditionally, it’s been difficult for business analysts to analyze streaming data in real-time. Without the right tools, it’s been reserved for the technical developer or data scientist. As a result, many business analysts are analyzing streaming data after the fact – days and even weeks later.

With Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager, you never have to lose valuable insights from data in motion again.

As part of Hortonworks DataFlow, Streaming Analytics Manager is powered by Druid, the analytics engine that provides interactive queries for easy data slicing and dicing.

Once the streaming application has been deployed, you can build dashboards in minutes, all without writing a single line of code.
Streaming Analytics Manager allows you to apply filters and analytical functions, or perform time series analysis. And with over 30 visualization charts right out of the box to choose from, as well as the ability to build custom libraries for ad-hoc analysis, analyzing streaming data has never been simpler.

Use the algorithm library to create predictive or prescriptive functions for lightning quick insight from your data, then set business rules to send notification alerts for important events when they happen.
Comprehensive, simple, and easy to use, take control of your data with the new Streaming Analytics Manager, packaged within Hortonworks DataFlow, and start capturing continuous insights from your data in real-time today!

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