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Manage Data Flows Easily with Schema Registry

Use Schema Registry to allow analytics applications to flexibly interact with each other.

With the rise of Internet of Things, enterprises have to be capable of real-time analysis of streaming data in order to quickly respond to business needs. But every data stream needs an associated schema to allow the analytics system to read it. Today, developers hard code the schema into the streaming application itself, making it difficult to govern, manage and share across the enterprise.

Hortonworks Schema Registry, part of Hortonworks Data Flow, is the solution.

Schema Registry is a central repository of schemas that allows analytics applications to flexibly interact with each other—to save, edit, or retrieve schemas for the data stream they need. Our repository allows IT to easily govern streaming data, including providing reusable schemas. With schema version management, data consumers and data producers can evolve at different rates. And, through schema validation, data quality is greatly improved.

By eliminating the need to code and attach the schema to every piece of data, developers reduce operational overhead and improve speed of analytics application development.

But don’t mistake the Hortonworks Schema Registry as a Metastore for Kafka—our Schema Registry can store schema for any type of entity or data store. It’s integrated with Apache Nifi, Storm, and HDF Streaming Analytics Manager for an easier and faster analytics development experience.

Get to market faster with HDF and its Schema Registry!
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