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Becoming a Data-Driven Predictive Bank

Recorded on February 25th, 2016

The banking sector continues to be a driving force of any economy and leading banks are adapting to consumer and technological advances that are presenting a multitude of business opportunities.

Banks can now process huge amounts of data from both traditional and non-traditional sources in Hadoop giving them better insight into both their risks and opportunities. Deeper analysis and insight can improve operational margins and protect against one-time events that might cause catastrophic losses. Join Rob Toguri from EY and Vamsi Chemitiganti from Hortonworks as they discuss how banks are becoming more data-driven and predictive:

· How data is disrupting the banking sector
· Where business value is generated across the banking ecosystem
· What the roles of a banking Chief Data Officer are
· What are the requirements for data governance and compliance
· How leading banks are benefiting from this opportunity


  • Login / register for event does not work with latest Firefox … and why are there 3 (!) different logins (forum, supprt, training) required at HW? … disappointing experience.

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