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Big Data Customer Case Study: The Advisory Board Company

Recorded on September 14th, 2017

Learn how a leading healthcare company is yielding big dividends from Big Data.

Advisory Board, a healthcare firm serving 90% of U.S. hospitals, has multiple different business units and data science teams within their organization. In this webinar, they’ll share how they use technologies like Hadoop and Spark to address the diverse use cases for these different teams –with a highly flexible and elastic platform leveraging Docker containers.

In this webinar, Advisory Board will discuss how they:

  • Migrated their analytics from spreadsheets and RDBMS to a modern architecture using tools such as Hadoop, Spark, H2O, Jupyter, RStudio, and Zeppelin.
  • Provide the ability to spin up instant clusters for greater agility, with shared and secure access to a treasure trove of data in their HDFS data lake.
  • Shortened time-to-insights from days to minutes, slashed infrastructure costs by more than 80 percent, and freed up staff to innovate and build new capabilities.

Don’t miss this case study webinar. Find out how you can improve agility, flexibility, and ROI for your Big Data journey.


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