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Boost Performance with Scala – Learn From Those Who’ve Done It!

Recorded on July 21st, 2015

Scalding is a scala DSL for Cascading, running on Hadoop. It’s a concise, functional and very efficient way to build big data applications. One significant benefit of Scalding —because it runs on top of Cascading— is that it allows easy porting of Scalding apps from MapReduce to newer, faster execution fabrics. In this webinar, Cyrille Chépélov of Transparency Rights Management, will share how his organization boosted the performance of their Scalding apps by over 50%, by making the transition away from MapReduce to Cascading 3.0 on Apache Tez. Dhruv Kumar, Partner Solution Engineer at Hortonworks, will explain how you can interact with data on HDP using Scala and leverage Scala as a programming language to develop Big Data applications.

Who should attend: Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Managers and Directors of Development teams.


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