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Building Next Generation Streaming Analytics Application – Within 10 Min

Recorded on July 12th, 2017

To realize the full potential of modern data applications, organizations need to be able to capture perishable insights from data in motion. While flow management tools are available to help gather, route, filter and transform data from any source, companies have lacked equivalent tools for building the analytics apps needed to extract insight from streaming data.

Imagine the power to build a fully functional streaming analytics application without writing a single line of code and within as little as 10min.


 George Vetticaden, VP Product Management, Emerging Products

 Wei Wang, Senior Director, Product Marketing


sothi Arumugam says:

Thank you

Jesse Acosta says:

I would like to join this webinar.

Wei Wang says:

Please click the attend button above, you would be routed to the actual registration page.

free word unscrambler says:

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Joe Bloggs says:

Guys, really? Don’t make us register over and over. If you must track us get us non-customrer logins? Thanks

Chandrashekhar says:

Title of this webinar says that build application in 10 minutes but actual video length is of 1 hour? I understand that you wanted to give brief overview of all the components but title creates misleading expectations among the viewers.

Apart from this subtle point I think webinar is great. Thank you for it.

A says:

Where is it?
You can’t even organise a webinar

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