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Combating Phishing Attacks: How Big Data Helps Detect Impersonators

Recorded on April 27th, 2017

Detecting an impersonator on your enterprise network is a complex and time-consuming game. It’s even more difficult when an attacker is able morph and dynamically change tactics and behaviors. A big data security analytics platform such as  recently announced Top Level Project Apache Metron can make it easier to detect, investigate, assess, and remediate threats such as that of the Yahoo-style attack.

Join us to learn how big data and data science teams can help information security teams improve threat detection with machine learning and real-time streaming analytics. You will hear from, James Sirota, Apache Metron committer and Director of Security Solutions at Hortonworks and Simon Elliston Ball, Cybersecurity Product Manager, on how big data cybersecurity solutions can reduce the exposure time of a phishing attack.

Additional Resource: 20 Questions with Big Data Cybersecurity Experts on Apache Metron: Webinar Recap


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