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Data Architecture Optimization

Recorded on February 24th, 2016

Rapid data growth from a wide range of new data sources is significantly outpacing organizations’ abilities to manage data with existing systems. Today’s data architectures and IT budgets are straining under the pressure. In response, the center of gravity in the data architecture is shifting from structured transactional systems to connected data platforms with Apache Hadoop at the center. Join us on Feb. 24 to hear Scott Gnau, Hortonworks CTO, describe how the landscape is changing and offer insights into how organizations are successfully navigating this shift to capture new business opportunities while driving cost out.


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Lee says:

How do I register? I don’t see a link or anything.

Dave Adams says:

This WebEx link does not work. How to I join the WebEx?

Dave Adams says:

Hello. Is anyone there? Will you reschedule this WebEx since it is not working?

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