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How to Effectively Manage IoT DataFlows with HDF

Recorded on March 23rd, 2016

Dataflow management in the word of hyper connected people, systems and things is challenging and complex. Hortonworks DataFlow provides a real-time, visual and interactive system to simplify data delivery from the Internet of Things to data centers, from data centers to the cloud and for everything in between. Join this webinar and find out more on how HDF can help you securely and cost-effectively manage in the incoming flow of data from everywhere to anywhere with an extremely scalable, code-free solution.


  • Dear Staff, I’m in Denver, Colorado USA and just realized you’re broadcasting at 4 am in our time zone, which I cannot do. I’ll view a recording if that’ll be available. Thanks.

  • Can I perform real-time aggregation on the data in motion? something like the windowed aggregation that Spark streaming offers? Is NiFi really meant for such use-cases?

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