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Doubling Down on Apache Hive with SQL "IN" Hadoop

Recorded on June 19th, 2013

Apache Hive is the de facto standard for Hadoop SQL interaction today. However, it was originally built for “batch” workloads and as Hadoop gains in popularity, enterprise requirements for Hive to become more real time or interactive have evolved…  the Hive community has responded.

Please join us for this webinar to find out how the Stinger Initiative is changing Apache Hive so that it could address human-time use cases for interactive query (i.e. queries in the 5-30 second range).  We will present the technical roadmap and provide a progress on these two key goals of this initiative:

  • 100X Performance – we will present a performance benchmark update that shows queries reduced from thousands of seconds to tens.
  • SQL Compatibility – HiveQL has advanced to include new datatypes and SQL semantics and we have an audacious roadmap for compatibility that we will review.

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