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Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization: 7 Keys to Success

Recorded on August 1st, 2017

You have a legacy system that no longer meet the demands of your current data needs, and replacing it isn’t an option. But don’t panic: Modernizing your traditional enterprise data warehouse is easier than you may think.


Join us on August 1st at 11am PDT to hear from David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc. and Scott Gnau, Chief Technology Officer of Hortonworks as they discuss what it takes to optimize your enterprise data warehouse. When you attend, you will learn how to:


• Leverage Horizontal Scalability/Elasticity with Open Source Technologies to Reduce Costs
• Augment enterprise data warehouse storage with Hadoop and Hive
• Use Flexible Data Organization to Enable Schema on Read


 David Loshin, President, Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

enterprise data warehouse Scott Gnau, Chief Technology Officer, Hortonworks


khadijah says:

Where do we register?

Manoj Arora says:

We are using costly ETL tool to do ETL processing. Please allow me to join this one as i am really interested in knowing that how can we replace it for Data Processing.

Nageswararao Nakka says:

I am interested to know how it will be leveraged.

Shiva Ravirala says:


Kindly enroll me for this and future sessions.

Ramesh says:

I am interested to know how we can integrate and make use of Hadoop and edw for reporting and analytical functions.

lenny lee says:

we’re using hadoop plus edw and it’s working out great for our business needs, looking forward to seeing how else this architecture is leveraged.

Subrahmanya Gupta Yakkala says:

We have same kind of requirements.I am interested joining the session.

Nick Molliconi says:

We are about to implement EDW

Gladys Joseph says:

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