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Get Started with Big Data in the Cloud ASAP: Maximize Agility, Minimize Time-to-Benefit

Recorded on May 25th, 2017

Join experts from Ovum and Hortonworks to learn how to get big data analytics workloads up and running in the cloud immediately, and how it will accelerate your time-to-benefit and maximize your agility in the cloud. As big data workloads are moving to the cloud, the challenge for enterprises is the overwhelming number of choices available in the cloud. Learn how can your organization get beyond this hurdle so it can focus on a “lift and reshape” cloud strategy that will enable you to take full advantage of the benefits of your cloud deployment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How your organization can focus on getting big data analytics up and running immediately
  • How to bridge cloud operations with workloads running in the cloud
  • How to best take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility with a “lift and reshape” management of IT resources


Cloud Tony Baer, Principal Analyst for Information Management at Ovum

in the cloud Shaun Connolly, Chief Strategy Officer at Hortonworks


Noaman Rashid says:

I am working in dubai islamic bank. Try my best to be there

Roni Fontaine says:

We hope you can make it Noaman!

Raj says:

It will be helpful if you could elucidate in your webinar the advantages (both operational and commercial) of using Hortonworks on cloud vs using cloud native fully managed big data services available in AWS or GCP.

Roni Fontaine says:

Hi Raj, Thank you for your suggestion. I passed this on to Tony and Shaun.

cfranklin says:

Echo Raj’s point (and request)!

Manoj Arora says:

Add me.

Srinivasa Vadlamudi says:

Please send me the slides.

Yasmeen Lalani says:

Office hours….Please send slides. Thanks.

Celine Yang says:

Good topic. I have share the information in my Wechat and LinkedIn. Hope will have Asia timezone webinars soon.

Nikkhiel Chakote says:

Kindly mail me the Webinar link and/or slides if any. Thank you.

veerabhadrarao sunkara says:

Kindly mail me the Webinar link and/or slides if any. Thank you.

Yves Benezit says:

Interested to receive the slides. Thank you

Ammara Javaid says:

Thanks a lot for this initiative
Will be there

Eino says:

Can you add these times also UTC. Tired to check it always.

Maheep says:

Thank u

Suresh Vajpey says:

Good topic. Waiting to hear.

Muthuraman says:

For me it is early morning in Singapore, I doubt that I will join this time. Is it possible to assess this webminar recording later and also shall I have the presentation slides. Appreciate your reply.

Kunal says:

Registered. Hope to attend this for sure.

Ulf Francke says:

Can’t attend but please send me the slides.

Liam says:

If I’m able to attend I will. It’s 7pm for me, and have family time with my baby around then

Mustafa says:

Registered can you send me the slides

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