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Hadoop and Data Sciences in the Financial Services

Recorded on February 18th, 2016

Financial Services is undergoing a major transformation and it is very evident that Banking as we know it will change dramatically over the next few years. Previous webinars has spent some time over the last year defining the Big Data landscape in Banking across Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Wealth & Asset Management, Hedge Funds etc. At the same time, Predictive analytics and data mining have been growing in popularity in recent years.With that background, let us begin examining the popular applications of Data Science in the financial industry.

Big Data centric business initiatives in financial services have begun realizing value leveraging Data Science a range of areas as diverse as –  the defensive (Risk, Fraud and Compliance  – RFC ) to achieving Competitive Parity (e.g Single View of Customer) to the Offensive (Digital Transformation across their Retail Banking business, improved Trading Strategies in Capital Markets, to RoboAdvisors in Wealth Management). Join us on this webinar on Feb. 18th to learn more about Hadoop and data sciences in the financial services industry!


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