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Hadoop and Kerberos: The Madness Beyond the Gate

Recorded on February 23rd, 2016

When HP Lovecraft wrote of forbidden knowledge about non-human deities, knowledge which would reduce the reader to insanity, most people assumed that he was making up a fantasy world. In fact he was documenting Kerberos and its Hadoop integration.

There are some things humanity was not meant to know. Most people are better off living lives of naive innocence, never having to see an error message about SASL or GSS, to never stare in terror at classes only whose initials, UGI, are ever spoken aloud -or more accurately, whispered.

This talk goes into the depths, to the knowledge which you need to write applications in a secure Hadoop cluster, knowledge that may drive you insane. Forever more, you shall fear voices calling out in the night, voices saying things like “we have an urgent Kerberos-related support call -can you help?”

Steve Loughran is an R&D engineer at Hortonworks, where he works on leading-edge developments within the Hadoop ecosystem. He is the author of Ant in Action, a member of the Apache Software Foundation, an active committer on the Hadoop core projects.


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