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Leveraging Big Data in Addressing the Global Alzheimer’s Crisis

Recorded on May 29th, 2014

While life sciences and healthcare companies have long known that they need to be more efficient and improve collaboration both internally and externally, the right set of tools and data did not exist to make this happen (without large budgets or significant enterprise wide upheaval). Now,  low cost, low foot print Big Data technologies and data sets are rapidly evolving.   Pharmaceutical & healthcare organizations  that learn to leverage this rapidly emerging capability, have  the potential  to  greatly accelerate the research and development process while also tightly coupling the cost-benefit analysis which is important for payers.

In this webinar presented by The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s disease, Knowledgent and Hortonworks, we’ll discuss how big data analytical disciplines can support the global effort toward identifying key associations – rather than a direct cause – that can help us understand who gets Alzheimer’s, how we treat them, and how we prevent the disease for others by leveraging datasets across life sciences, healthcare, government agencies and academia. 

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