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Are you Mature Enough to Handle Big Data?

Recorded on November 22nd, 2016

The fourth Industrial revolution is here, and competing to succeed in the 4.0 ‘digital’ world entails making the right decisions based on data driven pointers, to successfully implement your strategy. As we work with the entire stack of Fortune 100 organizations, we often see companies—particularly those operating across business lines with complex lines of businesses and/ or looking to break into new markets or asset classes— struggle to answer two questions:

‘How to innovate’ using the rich trove of data that they already have
‘Which systems and processes to renovate’ to get the best value for their investment

Hortonworks Big Data Maturity Scorecard fills the knowledge gap. It gives you a better understanding of the opportunities unique to your business, and helps comprehend ‘how the maturity of your organization enables or inhibits your ability to strategically pursue big-data enabled business transformation programs aligned to your business goals. Join this webinar to learn more.


Osman Pulgar says:

Could you give us a few examples of Big Data implementation in the Oil & Gas Industry in other areas of the Company other than the Exploration and Production area ? i.e Finance Dept.

Quoc-Thai Dang says:

Thanks we’ll answer on the webinar

Quoc-Thai Dang says:

How the suggested scorecard tool can help in analysing and mapping the 4 stages of Organisational Maturity. From your collected data, can we deduce that Maturity is correlated with the size of organisations? Or is it independent?

Quoc-Thai Dang says:

Is there a usecase for Artificial intelligence with Big Data?

Abhas says:

Big data and AI will be co-related in more ways than one.

Just collecting or having access to larger data sets will not produce a result. We cannot keep up with the Data Tsunami of 100 terabytes plus today made up of streaming video, text, pictures and voice. Also capturing the legacy data silos in paper and other media is impossible. We are unprepared for knowledge extraction and the demands for faster decision-making that our customers and markets, our planet, will require for high performance, competitive advantage and likely survival in the future will demand. Innovation will be accelerated by this convergence—faster drug discovery, safer self-driving cars, alternative energy and many new innovations yet to be invented may ensue.

The bottom line is AI will only empower big data use cases ; it’s a symbiotic relationship

Quoc-Thai Dang says:

We do ask questions about the size of the organization and other relevant details before being directed to the actual survey webpage. The algorithm takes into account multiple factors such as the ones mentioned above, however the output chart doesn’t lay out the results based on the size of the organization.

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