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Monetizing Industrial IoT and Predictive Maintenance for the Automotive Industry

Recorded on September 22nd, 2016

Gartner predicts there will be 250 million connected vehicles by 2020. While automotive manufacturers are on track to drive connected vehicles implementation, are they poised to leverage the trillion-dollar opportunity from the gold-mine that is “sensor data”?

Research from Morgan Stanley suggests, automotive manufacturers can save $488 billion by using predictive maintenance. By assessing in advance which equipment needs maintenance, automotive manufacturers can better plan maintenance work and smoothly convert the abrupt “unplanned outages” into shorter and fewer “planned outages” and spend lesser time in damage control as equipment issues are detected even before they actually occur. The result? Lower operational costs, increased machine lifetime and asset performance.

Join this webinar to learn how automotive manufacturers can:

  • Transform connected vehicles into a revenue generating programme
  • Reduce costs with equipment insights from engineering data
  • Decrease downtime probabilities & boost production quality, safety and efficiencies
  • Automate data science workflow with meta-learning enabling you to dramatically reduce the manual data science effort
  • Learn how a leading automotive achieved 10% increase in operational efficiency with automated predictive maintenance


Soghra Mehdinejad Gargari says:


This is Soghra form the Manufacturing Technology Company and I would like to join to this interesting Webinar.

Best regards,


Ray Falk says:

Please register me for the webinar next Thursday.

umesh says:

Awesome !!! Killing concept and desperate to know !!!

Lamint says:

Many failures happen after a long time of using, important components become worn out gradually. By designing an effective predictive maintenance (PM) strategy, businesses may experience substantial improvements in their overall operating processes. Also, predicting ahead of time the coming up is
Thanks for this sharing!

Maintenance CMMS says:

IoT is starting to impact the way businesses work, improving efficiencies and increasing productivity through the data it can access.

Now I see many CMMS companies offering predictive maintenance as features using integrated IoT devices and sensors which measures vibration, power ratings and temperature data.

Among this companies who offer smart CMMS hosted in cloud are :

2) IBM
3) eMaint
4) Hippo CMMS
5) Fiix

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