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Powering Fast Data and the Hadoop Ecosystem with VoltDB and Hortonworks

Recorded on January 28th, 2015

Developers increasingly are building dynamic, interactive real-time applications on fast streaming data to extract maximum value from data in the moment. To do so requires a data pipeline, the ability to make transactional decisions against state, and an export functionality that pushes data at high speeds to long-term Hadoop analytics stores like Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). This enables data to arrive in your analytic store sooner, and allows these analytics to be leveraged with radically lower latency. But successfully writing fast data applications that manage, process, and export streams of data generated from mobile, smart devices, sensors and social interactions is a big challenge.

Join Hortonworks and VoltDB, an in-memory scale-out relational database that simplifies fast data application development, to learn how you can ingest large volumes of fast-moving, streaming data and process it in real time. We will also cover how developing fast data applications is simplified, faster – and delivers more value when built on a fast in-memory, scale-out SQL database.


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