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Securing Hadoop: What are Your Options?

Recorded on August 27th, 2014

Now that you are moving your Hadoop POC into production, you know that sensitive customer and corporate data (credit card numbers, intellectual property, customer files, and more) need protection. Now the question becomes:  How do you keep all this sensitive data secure, as it moves into Hadoop, as it is stored and as it moves beyond Hadoop? And, most importantly, how do you secure the data and still make it available for analytics? After all, analytics is why it’s in Hadoop in the first place.

Join Hortonworks and partner Voltage Security to learn about security options with authentication, authorization, monitoring and data-level security for Apache Hadoop. Get insight to the use cases and architectural decisions that enable the business benefits you need to deliver, while avoiding risks straight from today’s headlines, including cyber attacks and leaking of sensitive customer data. Use cases we will cover include:

  • Global Telco–moving petabytes of user and location data into Hadoop, including 17 PII data elements
  • Top 5 financial services firm–reducing the costs of its data warehouse infrastructure by performing fraud analytics on Hadoop
  • Supply Chain data and analytics solutions provider delivering pharmacy claims reconciliations, product usage trending and market basket insights

Learn how to protect your sensitive data, enable analytics without security risk, and neutralize breaches through new data-centric technologies that are easy to integrate with Hive, Sqoop, MapReduce and many other interfaces.


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