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Turbocharge Data Science with Pivotal HAWQ and the Hortonworks Data Platform

Recorded on May 27th, 2015

In this webinar you’ll learn how Pivotal HAWQ, one of the world’s most advanced enterprise SQL on Hadoop technology, coupled with the Hortonworks Data Platform, the only 100% open source Apache Hadoop data platform, can turbocharge your Data Science efforts.

Pivotal HAWQ allows you to leverage advanced analytics for your data in Hadoop using massively-parallel processing, based on SQL. HAWQ provides strong support for low-latency analytic SQL queries and machine learning capabilities. This enables discovery-based analysis of large data sets and rapid, iterative development of data analytics applications that apply deep machine learning – significantly shortening data-driven innovation cycles for the enterprise.

The Hortonworks Data Platform offers linear scale storage and compute across a wide range of access methods from batch to interactive, to real time, search and streaming. It includes a comprehensive set of capabilities across governance, integration, security and operations and allows for data discovery from new, voluminous data types such as machine and sensor data, geolocation data, click-stream data and sentiment data are valuable when correlated with other data sets in a shared enterprise “Data Lake.”

Together, Pivotal HAWQ and the Hortonworks Data Platform provide businesses with a Modern Data Architecture for IT transformation.


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