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Using Spark in the Cloud with Hortonworks and Microsoft

Recorded on September 20th, 2016

Today organizations produce more data than ever and are continuously looking for solutions that allow them to gain deep insight into their business and monetize the data collected from multiple sources.

Apache Spark helps you improve your business insights by providing a highly-scalable and interactive environment for analyzing data. Microsoft has worked with Hortonworks to integrate Spark with Azure, making it available in the cloud. Azure HDInsight, Microsoft’s managed Hadoop-as-a-service, eliminates the heavy lifting associated with deploying, managing and executing tasks on Hadoop and Spark, thus raising the bar on what it means to process big data in the cloud.

Join the upcoming webinar and find out:

  • What are the most common use cases for Apache Spark and how can you apply them to your business
  • How to make interactive queries over big data in Hadoop using BI tools
  • How to use machine learning algorithms to predict outcomes in your analysis


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