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Webinar Series: Future of Apache Hadoop_Zookeeper

Recorded on October 17th, 2012

Join us in this 4-part series with the core committers of the Apache Hadoop projects (Pig, Zookeeper and YARN) and Hadoop experts to gain insight into current advances in Apache Hadoop, obtain use-cases and best practices on how to get started with Hadoop and live Q&A with the people at the center of the Hadoop movement.

Webinar 3: Scaling Apache Zookeeper to the Next Generation Applications

Speaker: Mahadev Konar, Hortonworks co-founder and core contributor and PMC member of Apache Hadoop and ZooKeeper.

Apache ZooKeeper has become a de facto standard for distributed coordination. _Its design has proven to be flexible enough that it can be applied to a variety of needs of distributed applications. It has been used for leader election, service discovery, status monitoring, dynamic configuration etc. Recently new use cases have come up where ZooKeeper is being used as a discovery service with thousands of clients. Couple of examples include Hadoop Namenode HA and Yarn HA. This has led to a new set of requirements that need to be addressed. There is a need for session-less read-only client creation to address startup latency issues of thousands of clients . Also, such scale creates a need for reducing memory footprint of watch management in ZooKeeper. In this talk we will discuss the various new use cases that are coming up in Apache ZooKeeper and the work that is being done in the community to address these issues. We will also discuss the future roadmap for ZooKeeper.

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