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Why DataFlow Was Invented

Can you relate to the challenges Pat faced?

Watch Pat’s story below

Part 01

Accommodate the Internet of Anything

Wouldn’t it be easier to have one tool for real-time data collection from all sources and destinations?

Part 02

Secure delivery with less manual coding and costs

Would you like to be rid of the tedium of custom scripts and manual processes for managing dataflows?

Part 03

Real-time GUI and control of dataflow

When response time matters - is anything faster than a drag and drop GUI?

Part 04

Real-time dataflow management, security and provenance

Have you ever manually combed through log files to find out what happened to a dataflow or missing piece of data?

Part 05

No commercial options available

Dataflow made Pat, his team and all his end users very happy and can do the same for you.

Pat decided to share his invention with the rest of the world.
To find out more, check out Hortonworks DataFlow.

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