Big data spending on the rise

Big data and Hadoop software have provided enterprises from different industries with the resources to tackle a number of issues. The many success stories for data analytics appear to be spreading as more enterprises invest in the technology.

MarketsandMarkets recently released a study detailing the success of the big data market across the globe. According to researchers' findings, the worldwide Hadoop market is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 54.9 percent through 2017. Last year, the global market was worth $1.56 billion, but that figure is expected to  reach $13.95 billion in 2017.

According to the report, businesses are using Apache Hadoop to provide real-time analytics to a wide variety of unstructured data covering everything from internet traffic to information collected from environmental sensors. Hadoop applications have been deployed by organizations looking to enhance their customer engagement, recruitment and retention practices as well as enterprises seeking more scientific applications such as is the case in the healthcare industry.

Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden recently spoke to ZDNet about the success of big data and Hadoop in particular. Bearden stressed the importance of Hadoop's open source platform for its continued success. This allows for more flexibility from the user who can scale projects up or down depending on the need as well as customize software to address specific issues. Keeping the platform open source also reduces the need to operate proprietary software that could cost businesses more than they would like to spend.

One of the main strengths of Hadoop according to Bearden, is its reliability to provide enterprises with the reliability to process unstructured data. 

News of big data's expected surge in the coming years coincided with an announcement from Teradata that it was releasing a new appliance that would allow data center operators to integrate Hadoop functions with its architecture, according to GigaOM. This would give data center managers quicker and easier access to their data analytics solutions.

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