Taking on the big data challenge

Businesses across the globe are recognizing the benefits of leveraging big data solutions. As analytical tools built upon a Hadoop architecture become more sophisticated, organizations from every industry are finding uses for the technology. In fact, the worldwide big data market is expected to grow 61 percent in the coming year, according to a study published by Wikibon. Even as industries continue their inexorable march towards big data solutions, some companies have remained hesitant to jump onboard. These businesses generally find the challenges inherent in launching a data analytics initiative to be too daunting to move pass. However, these challenges are not as overwhelming as one might think. Even the smallest company has the capacity to take advantage of big data tools.

Returning fast actionable insight
InformationWeek reported that Microsoft had begun addressing concerns regarding big data difficulties. For example, some companies have trouble clearly identifying the benefits of a targeted analytical program and thus determine that the investment is not worth the potential reward. Microsoft Technical Fellow Dave Campbell argued that the analytical processes allow companies to quickly validate market trend theories. Businesses can deploy big data software to test out new approaches to market trends and determine their effectiveness without risking resources on a full scale implementation or missing opportunities to take advantage of market conditions due to hesitation.

New solutions to server costs
Microsoft has also tackled the erroneous notion that implementing data analytical solutions requires access to and investment in large numbers of servers to store and process data. The company's fully Hadoop Apache‚Äč-compatible Windows Azure HDInsight package will provide businesses with the opportunity to store and process datasets in the cloud. This platform offers companies the option to pay only for the storage and processing capacity that they need, effectively eliminating initial infrastructure costs. Without the expense of server installation and maintenance, smaller businesses can afford to launch big data applications.

There seems to be little doubt that data analytics will be the tool that companies use to make informed market decisions moving forward. As the technology becomes more available and costs are driven down, businesses across every industry imaginable will have access to big data solutions. By employing Hadoop clusters, data analysts can further enhance their efforts by reducing bottlenecks and returning actionable insight with greater speed and efficiency. Businesses are running out of excuses to adopt big data. Ignoring its applications could prove to be a costly mistake.

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