Tomorrow’s future is here today – HDP 2.0 Beta Sandbox

sandboxAlbert Einstein is credited with saying that he doesn’t worry about the future because it would arrive soon enough. We don’t worry the future either — we focus on building it. And today, we are delighted to release the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 Beta Sandbox. This is the single-node VM based on the HDP 2.0 Beta release. This release is in the easy-to-use Sandbox form factor and allow you to easily work with a stable, reliable v2 of Hadoop.

Included in this release:

MapReduce 2 in YARN

  • YARN enables the compute layer to extend beyond batch. MapReduce 2 on YARN is twice more efficient and performant than MapReduce 1, and maintains backward compatibility with MapReduce 1 applications.

Stinger Updates

  • Updates to Apache Hive provides logical optimization for processing speed ups and the new ORCFile supports predicate pushdown to add even more performance increases.

HBase Improvements

  • Apache HBase provides improved compactions, additional datatype support and an improved recovery time through a sub second master process and region server failure detection capability.

Now you too can see what the future holds. Download the HDP 2.0 Beta Sandbox. This release is available for use with VMware, VirtualBox and HyperV.


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