Apache Hadoop Reaches Milestone: Release 1.0.0

Congratulations! The Hadoop Community has given itself a big holiday present: Release 1.0.0! This release has been six years in the making, and has involved:

  • Hard work and cooperation from dozens of software developers and contributors from across the industry, including of course Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella’s early work in Nutch and the founding Hadoop team at Yahoo, Doug, Owen O’Malley and many others, with leadership from Eric14.  Special thanks to all the Hadoop committers.
  • Commitment to stability, joined with testing and indispensable production experience at scale, at industry-leading companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, including hundreds of millions of compute-hours and exabytes of data processed.
  • Feedback from hundreds of knowledgeable users, data scientists, systems engineers and architects.
  • Commitment to the philosophy and practice of opensource from Google, who published their seminal papers and have long supported Apache.
  • The Apache Software Foundation, which provided a structured home for the growth of the ecosystem and blossoming of multiple associated projects.

This is just the start. Hortonworks, and the other companies providing services and support to the Community, are committed to continuing to grow Apache Hadoop, as a platform and an ecosystem. Capability, reliability, performance, and ease of application development will all get even better in the coming years. And users will continue to amaze us all, by finding unexpected and beautiful ways to apply Hadoop to solving the world’s problems.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be Release Manager for this release, and to help bring Hadoop Release 1.0.0 into being. Please read the release notes to learn about the major features in 1.0.0. And Happy New Year!

–Matt Foley

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